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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

150th MavTalk Submission form

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A. The Event Itself: 

  1. Must meet the “Criteria for inclusion in Sesquicentennial events.”
  2. Should be “15.0” minutes in length
  3. Could be “solo” or grouped with other Mav Talks (recommend no more than three at one sitting).
  4. A Mav Talk could be partnered with a larger invent (e.g., to introduce or to contextualize a guest speaker or activity).
  5. We plan to record these talks for our archives (Cornerstone). We will ask you to sign a release form and set up the recording from you.

B. The Content: 

  1. It is recommended (but not mandated) that the topic be somehow connected to the history of our university (department, program, activity, facility, etc.).
  2. A topic could explore the “First, Best, Only” concept about any aspect of the university.
  3. The speaker is advised to not cover too broad a topic—15 minutes is a very limited amount of time.
  4. The speaker should take into consideration the target audience for this information (e.g., students; faculty/staff; community), so we can inform that segment of the public.
  5. A Mav Talk should have some additional time set aside for Q&A afterwards.

B. Fill out this form at least two weeks prior to your event (so we can include you in our calendars and advertising): 

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