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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Forms and Instructions
For the creation of new as well as the renewal of existing agreements, we will have to use the new forms. No existing agreements can simply be extended. Articulation agreement form and instructions can be found at

Program Inventory and CIP Codes
To find the official listings of our programs in the Minnesota State program inventory, go to

Articulation Agreement Database
All signed and officially adopted articulation agreements are uploaded by Academic Affairs to a central database which can be searched by program as well as by sending or receiving institutions at

Course equivalency database
Many courses have already been established as equivalent and encoded in DARS. To fill in the General Education portion of your agreement, and to find already established equivalencies in your department, you can use at


New equivalencies. If you have agreed on new equivalencies for courses in your department, please let know. Ramon serves as a contact person for transfer-related issues between Admissions, the departments, and the Registrar’s Office.

Fixing equivalencies. If you see equivalencies in DARS that are wrong, missing, or that your department would like to discontinue, please email the Registrar at

Academic Affairs. To have new agreements vetted, invalid ones removed from the database, or finalized ones uploaded to the database, please contact Academic Affairs at 507-389-1333.

Minnesota State Support. Colleagues at Minnesota State responsible for articulation agreements are, Academic Program Director, and the systems director for collaboration and transfer,