Integrated Academic Planning

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Academic Degree Program Planning (Revised (6/15) DRAFT College summaries are provided directly below with academic program planning tools and additional draft documents available at: Integrated Academic Planning SharePoint*)

     [PDF] College of Allied Health and Nursing (248 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Arts and Humanities (624 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Business (266 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Education (233 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Science, Engineering and Technology (568 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (201 KiB)

Extraordinary Education Task Force Recommendations

     [PDF] Teaching Excellence and Innovation (154 KiB)

     [PDF] Academic Advising (227 KiB)

    [PDF]  Academic Engagement Programs & Opportunities (253 KiB)

     [PDF] Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (408 KiB)

 Feedback Collected During Campus Review in Spring 2015

     [PDF] Extraordinary Education Task Force Feedback (326 KiB)     

     [PDF] Academic Degree Program Planning Feedback (51 KiB)


Integrated Strategic Plan