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 Academic Planning Updates

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 5.4.15 (276 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 4.16.15 (274 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 1.14.15 (279 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 9.11.14 (215 KiB)

[PDF]  Academic Planning Update 5.11.14 (186 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 5.2.14 (186 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 4.23.14 (206 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Update 4.17.14 (186 KiB)

Academic Program Planning - College Executive Summaries

College of Allied Health and Nursing Summary (Draft)

[PDF] College of Arts and Humanities Summary (Draft) (625 KiB)

[PDF] College of Business Summary (Draft) (435 KiB)

[PDF] College of Education Summary (Draft) (127 KiB)

[PDF] College of Science, Engineering and Technology Summary (Draft) (180 KiB)

[PDF] College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Summary (Draft) (167 KiB)

Extraordinary Education Task Force Reports

[PDF] Teaching Excellence and Innovation Task Force Report  (484 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Advising Task Force Report (2 MiB)

[PDF] Academic Engagement Programs and Opportunities Task Force Report (760 KiB)

[PDF] Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity Task Force Report (527 KiB)

Academic Planning: A Core Component of Our Integrated Strategic Planning

 [PDF] Academic Planning Brochure 2.12.14 (723 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Planning Brochure 1.10.14 (714 KiB)

Integrated Strategic Planning Graphic

[PDF] Planning Graphic 2.18.14 (212 KiB)

[PDF] Planning Graphic 1.10.14 (228 KiB)

Academic Program Planning Tool

[DOC] Academic Program Planning Tool (276 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Program Planning Document 3.3.14 (433 KiB)

[PDF] Academic Program Planning Document 2.27.14 (305 KiB)