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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Academic Advising

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Academic Advising Resources

Academic Advising is an important partnership between you and your adviser. All successful advising relationships include careful planning, authentic communication, and personal responsibility. This website is a launching pad for you to get information to recognize where you can seek additional advising support. 

College Advising

Each academic college has an advising center, that is a rich resource of valuable information. When you start as a new student, you are often assigned to the advising center when you first declare a major at orientation because of the support they can provide as you begin navigating the university. If you began as an undecided, you are assigned to the New Student & Family Programs office for advising.

Departmental Advising

As you progress at the university, you will be assigned to departmental advisors. Often, these are faculty advisors in the major program that you are pursuing. Faculty advisors offer program specific expertise that can help your development. You may want to seek opportunities in undergraduate research or creative activity, internships, and/or study abroad. Typically, you would work with your department advisor to see how these opportunities align with your academic pursuits.

In aviation, law enforcement, and many pre-professional programs, there are professional advisors who serve their respective department. These advisors are excellent resources as well.

University Advising

During fall 2019, the university opened a new resource for students - University Advising.

University Advising staff connects you with the people, information and services that you need to meet your goals, and provides an extra layer of support if you who need it. If you have an advising question or concern, and are unsure where to go, feel free to stop by University Advising, located in Memorial Library 111. 

Additionally, University Advising advisors support specific student populations, including:

  • Students on academic warning, or students who were reinstated after being on suspension for less than one year;
  • Students who receive multiple early or mid-semester alerts;
  • Students-in-transition, who need support as they consider changes to their areas of study, or students who are navigating other changes.

Contact info for University Advising:

111 Memorial Library


Major Button

The Major Button allows you to update your academic record easily, with updated information about your major, minor, or certificate that you may be pursuing. If you need to make a change to your catalog year or want to request a change in advisors, you can do that here. Then, stay tuned to your MavMail for information about the changes you have requested.

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Upcoming Developments 

Additional web resources for you, as a student, and for advisors are in process of being developed. This site will continue to be developed moving forward.

Faculty/Staff Advisers