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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Academic Advising

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Advising Resources

Advisor and StudentAcademic Advising is an important partnership between the student and their adviser. All successful advising relationships include careful planning, authentic communication, and personal responsibility. This website is a launching pad for students and advisers to build their relationship for success now and after graduation. Whether you are preparing for your overall academic journey or for your next academic advising appointment, the useful tools, links, and information found here, can help you begin to develop your own recipe for success. Click on the link to your College to learn more about your academic advising.


Student Relations Coordinator

Academic advising is generally handled via the college and department of a student's major. Each of the colleges has a Student Relations Coordinator to assist students in this regard.

Faculty/Staff Advisers


 Major Button for Testing ONLY

The button below is available for testing purposes only, with plans to make it completely available in May 2019. Any information that you submit via the button below will NOT update your student record - since we're still in the testing phase.

Contact if you need assistance in actually updating your student record.