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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Student Voices

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We asked current students to talk about their experiences as Minnesota State Mankato. Here is what they had to say:



Honors Program

"My professors, academic advisors, and other faculty mentors have provided a constant source of encouragement in all my pursuits and have pushed me to challenge myself to achieve beyond what I ever thought possible. My fellow students in the Honors program have also been an invaluable source of inspiration for me to strive to be the best I can be. I am constantly in awe of all the amazing things these students are doing."

Julia Hamann
Social Work
Mankato, MN


Undergraduate Research Center

"I have always desired to work alongside a professor on their research.  Undergraduate research takes this opportunity one step farther by allowing the student to take the lead on research that fits their interests and passions while receiving support and advising from a professor.  Independent research takes a lot of bravery, commitment, and discipline, but the results from the experience are irreplaceable.  It is because of undergraduate research that I have found my voice, direction, passion, and made many valuable and lasting connections and relationships with various professors and professionals.  I would not trade the experiences and achievements for the world."

Tatiana Soboleva

"Even though my major is Biochemistry, I took part in history/linguistics, genetics, and economics-related research projects as I was curious in the different approaches used in various subjects’ examination. These experiences ultimately allowed me to encounter new methods of data-analysis, and to be able to not fear the creation of new paths to the same destination instead of following a well-known “kit” for scientific planning/analysis; moreover, it was a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with new professors and team members."

Kelsey Mischke
Non-profit Leadership, Sociology
Westbrook, MN


Learning Communities

"The learning communities program helped me focus on my education, access valuable resources, and give back to my community. Through this program, I built strong relationships with students in my major and faculty. Living on campus with my community made campus seem much smaller and not as intimidating. Because I had so much support that first year, I now make use of campus resources and personnel that I may not have before. Through service projects I participated in with my Learning Community, I felt connected to my school and community. Enrolling in a Learning Community my freshman year at Minnesota State University, Mankato truly set me up for success for the rest of my college career."

Miranda Olson
Elementary Education
Houston, MN


Graduate Studies

"Throughout my undergraduate years at Minnesota State Mankato, I made efforts to get to know all the professionals I met, especially my instructors. During my senior year, I was contacted by multiple professionals via LinkedIn and other sources; all those conversations and visits during professor office hours paid off. I was offered a position in my field at a local company before I graduated. Even though I was already employed, I decided to pursue a Masters degree to refine my skills. I chose Minnesota State Mankato again because of the lasting connections I had made with my professors. I knew they would be able to give me advice and a nudge in the right direction as needed."

Anastasia Humphers-Ginther
Technical Communication
Moorhead, MN