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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Accommodation Process

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Accessibility Resources (AR) works with students with documented disabilities and their instructors to provide reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and support services that are based upon documentation, functional limitations, and a collaborative assessment of needs. Instructors are involved in a myriad of ways, i.e. assisting students in arranging for note takers, helping to facilitate the exam taking process, and providing textbook information early so students are able to receive alternative media at the start of the semester. Clearly, students, AR staff, and faculty need to work together to ensure access to the classroom and learning.

Common accommodations include:


1.  Alternative Testing:  Alternative testing arrangements are provided through Accessibilitiy Resources (ML 132) testing center for eligible students with documented disabilities.  The specific accommodation is dependent on the functional limitation of the disability and may include:  distraction free environment, extended time, reader, scribe, computer use.  The Alternative Testing  procedure and the role of faculty with provision of this accommodation is described in detail here:   

Alternative Testing Procedures


2.  Notetaking Services: Some students need notetakers due to the functional limitations of their disability.  Your involvement with recruitment of a classmate as a notetaker is crucial to this accommodation.  Please be in communication with Accessibility Resources if you are having difficulty obtaining a student notetaker.   Not providing this accommodation is not an option.  After an eligible student has submitted a notetaker request to Accessibility Resources, we will contact the professor and ask that they make the following:

Note-taker Recruitment Announcement


3.  Alternative Media:  Students with print disabilities access textbooks digitally via screen/text readers.  Early provision of textbook information by professors to the campus bookstore is critical so students in turn will submit timely requests. 


4.  Sign Language Interpreting/ Transcribing Services: 

 Students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing may utilize one of the following classroom accommodations: 

  • Interpreting/Transliterating - A team of American Sign Language interpreters will interpret/transliterate all academic related activities, i.e., lecture, recitation, lab, study groups. This service is recommended for native signers.

  • TypeWell transcription - A transcriber will provide a script, in real time, through a laptop computer screen for all academic-related activities, i.e., lecture, recitation, lab, study groups. This service is recommended for non-signers and for classes with dense medical, scientific, or technical content or vocabulary.

The assistance that faculty can provide with these types of auxiliary aids is to help identify a location for interpreters so that they can be easily seen by a student who is deaf or make sure that both the student and transcriber have appropriate seating.  You may find additional information on working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing helpful on the “working with students” tab. 

Note:  Please reference the information under the "captioning videos" tab if you intend to show videos within the classroom or online.