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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Early Registration

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Students who are registered with Minnesota State University, Mankato Accessibility Resources are eligible to participate in Early Registration.  The purpose of Early Registration is to provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to establish a class schedule that will accommodate their physical and/or academic needs.  The Early Registration window is 5 school days prior the first regular registration day. Note: Students on academic probation or warning are not eligible to utilize the Early Registration process because grades are required prior to registration.  Incoming freshman also are not eligible due to the timing of orientation.

This information is sent via e-mail three weeks in advance to allow time to schedule appointments with advisors.  Please plan accordingly and make the advisor meeting a priority. Students not completing their registration process during Early Registration week will need to wait until their regular registration time slot as determined by the number of completed credits.

The Registration Help Center staff is also available for any questions regarding how to use E-Services or other related registration questions.  They can be reached at registration@mnsu.eduor by phone at 507-389-2252.  They are located on the first floor of the Wigley Administration Building (WA 132.)

Please note that you will need a “registration access code” from Accessibility Resources to allow you to participate in early registration as noted in #7 listed below.

The following are the instructions for Early Registration:

  1. Log into the E-Services system at  to check for any holds that would prevent you from registering for classes.  Once you have logged in, click on “Courses and Registration” and then “Check Registration Holds.”
  2. Resolve all registration holds. (For example: parking tickets, overdue books, academic probation or suspension issues) Go to see where to go to resolve a hold. 
  3. Utilize the Class Schedule Builder tool located at  to select courses and sections that will best meet your needs.   The instructions on how to use the Class Schedule Builder are listed on the middle of the screen under the calendar.
  4. Print a copy of your schedule through the Class Schedule Builder under “Printable Version” showing your anticipated schedule.  Put your classes in your registration cart by clicking on the “Register for Classes” button located on the right of the screen.  Make sure to enter your Tech ID and pin and click register to ensure they go into your course cart.  You are putting your classes in your “course cart” until you receive permission from your advisor and Accessibility Resources to go back in and register for the courses.
  5. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to review the course schedule and identify any courses that require faculty permission and/or pre-requisite courses.  Obtain faculty permissions if needed.
  6. Obtain advisor’s signature on the Class Schedule Builder schedule. Your advisor’s signature verifies the proposed courses are consistent with your major requirements.
  7. Bring the signed Class Schedule Builder schedule to Accessibility Resourcces where you will receive a registration access code.
  8. To register for courses, go to E-Services at
  9. Click on “Courses and Registration” and click “Registration Access Code”.  Enter the code that you received from Accessibility Resources and click “Submit”.  You should now be ready to begin registering.
  10. To register for your classes, go under “Courses and Registration” and click “Course Cart”.  After putting check marks in each box, click “Register for Selected Courses”. 
  11. Make sure you “check out” by entering your tech id and pin/password.  Print a copy of your class schedule to verify that your registration was processed and make sure to log out if using a public computer.