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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Lambda Chi Alpha Crest
Lambda Chi Alpha

President: Caleb Ebeling
Recruitment Chair: Matthew Quist

Philanthropies: Feeding America, Adopt-A-Highway
Founded (national): November 2, 1909
Founded (locally): April 6, 1991
Motto: Every man a man
Colors: Purple, Green and Gold
Number of members: 28
National Website

Sigma Chi Crest
Sigma Chi

President: Joe Zrucky
Recruitment Chair: Nicholas Hessa

Philanthropies: Huntsman Cancer Institute, and Children's Miracle Network
Founded (national): June 28, 1855
Founded (locally): November 22, 2003
Motto: In Hoc Signo Vinces (in this sign you will conquer)
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
Number of members: 33
National Website

Phi Delta Theta
Phi Delta Theta

President:  Yachi Gutierrez
Recruitment Chair: Justen Smithers

Philanthropies: ALS walk and Campus Kitchen
Founded (national): December 26, 1848
Founded (locally): November 21, 1964
Motto: We enjoy life by the help and society of others
Colors: White and blue
Number of members: 26
National Website

Delta Chi Crest
Delta Chi

President: Charles Fuchsel
Recruitment Chair: Izzak Bloch

Philanthropies: V Foundation for Cancer Research
Founded (national): October 13 1890
Founded (locally): May 15, 1992
Motto: Friendship, Character, Justice, Education
Colors: Red/Buff
Number of members: 21
National Website

Sigma Nu Crest
Sigma Nu

President: Keaton Collas
Recruitment Chair: Greg Uecker

Philanthropies: Habitat For Humanity and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Founded (national): January 1st, 1869
Founded (locally): May 10, 1986
Motto: Excelling With Honor
Colors: Gold, Black and White
Number of members: 31
National Website

Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Ta
Tau Kappa Epsilon

President: Stone-Andy Nguenkam
Recruitment Chair: Stone-Andy Nguenkam

Philanthropies: St. Jude, Special Olympics, Old Town Mankato, Adopt a Highway
Founded (national): January 10, 1899
Founded (locally): May 13, 1961
Motto: The TKE mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.
Colors: Cherry Red and Battleship gray
Number of members: 7
National Website

Iota Phi Theta
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

President: Christopher Larson                                              Recruitment Chair: Austin Nelson

Philanthropies: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Founded (locally): March 9, 1856
Mission: The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members based upon the ideals set forth by our Founders and as specifically enunciated in “The True Gentleman.”
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Number of members: 18
National Website

Phi Kappa Psi Crest
Phi Kappa PsiJosh

President: Josh Leuzinger

 Recruitment Chair: Connor Donohue

Philanthropies: Adopt a Highway, Boys & Girls Club of America
Founded (national): February 19, 1852
Founded (locally): May 10, 1969
Motto: The great joy of serving others.
Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter Green
Number of members: 38
National Website