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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Join us Tuesdays at 5!

Leadership U Program.  This program consists of several events designed by students, to develop your leadership skills and help you discover your own philosophy of leadership. These events will be conducted like a fun-based workshop that teaches through enjoyable and social activities. All sessions will be on Tuesdays at 5 PM in CSU 245 unless otherwise noted.

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Spring Workshops

January 16   Inclusion - Creating a Culture of Inclusion

People like to feel included and the best leaders know how to foster an environment of inclusion, so they can lead both with and for people. Workshop participants will learn skills and strategies for creating a culture of belonging.

January 23   Social Justice - Responsible Decision Making

Leadership exists within a larger social system that often involes an inequitable distribution of social power. Workshop participants will learn tips for working toward a more equitable distribution of social power.

January 30   Verbal Communication - Effectively Giving a Message

Leaders use a variety of channels for communication in order to inform, inspire, influence and people. Workshop participants will gain skills for negotiating in a nonwritten format.

February 6   Nonverbal Communication - Conveying Messages without Words

Effective communication goes beyond words. A leaders body language, gestures, and other cues also convey meaning. Workshop participants will gain suggestions for how best to ensure their nonverbal cues are conveying the intended meaning.

February 13   Listening - Receiving a Message Effectively

Compelling communication is more than just communicating a message to another person; it also involves receiving messages through listening. Workshop participants will learn tactics for listening that will allow them to better understand incoming messages.

February 20   Initiative - Making Things Happen


February 27   Functioning Independently - Performing without Guidance from others


March 13   Follow-Through - Building Your Credibiility

March 20   Responsibility for Personal Behavior - Owning Your Actions

March 27   Yearly Wrap-up

April 3   End of Year Social


Fall Workshops

 August 29 - Informational Gathering

September 5 - Self-Understanding

September 12 - Personal Values

September 19 - Productive Relationships

September 26 - Appropriate Interaction

 October 3 - Organizational Behavior

October 10 - Power Dynamics

October 17 - OFF - Career Expo Day

October 24 - OFF - U-LEAD Conference

October 31 - OFF - Halloween

 November 7 - Systems Thinking

November 14 - Reflection and Application

November 21 - Diversity

November 28 - Others' Circumstances




As a reminder: all students are welcome to join! No fee and commitment free!


Past Workshops