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Annual Recognition Process:

Student Organizations go through a recognition process at the begining of each academic year if they wish to be a 'Recognized Student Organization' (RSO) at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Fall 2015 Deadlines

  • Long-standing or previously recognized organizations- Friday, September 18.
  • Newly created organizations- Friday, October 2.

To be eligible you must have:

  1. An organization name
  2. A minimum of 5 members
  3. An Advisor- must be faculty or staff member
  4. A [PDF] constitution (52 KiB) for your organization

Steps for 2015-2016 Recognition:

1. Student representative must submit all required materials on OrgSync between August 17 and September 18.
2. President must join RSO portal on OrgSync by September 18.
3. President complete online training and quiz by September 18.
4. President must attend Fall Inauguration Dinner on September 20.

Benefits of Recognition:

  • Eligible for FREE use of meeting space on campus
  • Eligible for FREE use of tabling space across campus for recruitment and event promotional efforts
  • Eligible to apply for funding from Student Government
  • Eligible for a storage locker within the RSO Clubhouse (CSU 170-located within Student Activities space)
  • Access to FREE sandwhich boards for advertising events
  • Access to popcorn and icy machines for events or promotion of events
  • FREE use of 'Creation Station' space in Student Activities (CSU 173)- markers, paper, scissors, glue, and more
  • On-Campus Mailbox within Student Activities
  • FREE .mnsu email address

Ready to Submit on OrgSync:

Long-standing organization- click here.

Newly created organization- click here.