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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Climbing Competitions at Minnesota State University, Mankato:

We have got the walls, now let's build a great climbing community in Mankato! Whether you are new to the sport, or a chalked up pro, we have a comp that will get your heart pumping and test your climbing against some other regional climbers. Our first competition, the Kato Krusher took place in November of 2012 and featured 38 climbers in 6 different divisions. The 2013 Whipper Snapper featured 60 climbers, better competition and really started to build on the excitement of Mankato Climbing Competitions! Our comps feature brand new routes, cool swag give-aways from some of our favorite climbing and regional companies, and tons of fun! Rock Climbing in Mankato is growing, come take part in a unique way to challenge yourself, compete with other climbers of your level and have a great time!

Check out our 2 Annual Competitions at the following links!




Whipper Snapper Spring Climbing Competition

The Spring Whipper Snapper Climbing Competition started in 2013 and will continue each spring in the Myers Field House on the MNSU Indoor Climbing Wall. The competition is designed for all climbing abilities and all ages! Come experience the Spring Whipper Snapper!

Kato Krusher Fall Climbing Competition

The Kato Krusher is the type of work that gets you ready for winter. This annual fall competition on MNSU's indoor climbing wall, attracts climbers from all over the midwest to compete in multiple divisions and multiple ability levels. All abilities and all levels of climbers are represented. Climbers who prevail know they will make it through a hard MN winter.





Please contact the AEP at or at (507) 389-5435 if you are interested in any of our annual Climbing Competitions!