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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The printmaking program offers a variety of introductory and advanced courses with curricula involving both traditional and contemporary practices. Printmaking facilities are available to offer students a broad knowledge and exploration of the medium. In addition, the facilities provide for experimental applications of print allowing for a variety of projects and ideas.

Introductory courses in intaglio and lithography printmaking are offered in the fall semester with relief and silkscreen printmaking offered in the spring. Year round advanced courses in printmaking focus on developing a significant creative practice through the demonstration of complex applications in print media and the formation of a conceptual framework.

Courses provide a historical context to printmaking alongside applications and activities investigating issues in contemporary art. Students explore formal and conceptual issues through the creation of printmaking matrices and the generation of imagery. In addition, advance courses include image research and project statements. Printmaking offers a cooperative studio environment where student collaboration and discussion is fostered.


Jami Kruschke, "Tob vs. Ra"  2007
relief and engraving


Sheena Mensing, Untitled   2007
collagraph, monotype, chine-colle, and collage