Minnesota State University Mankato Student Chapter
December Newsletter
Through the fall on into winter, MSU's ASME student section has "upped the anti" one more chip. We have maintained weekly officer meetings, had a few full member meetings, gone on some tours, and even had a little time to sponsor three events. We had an officer's meeting every Thursday to stay up to date on plans for our section. Most officers were also able to attend the RLSC in Des Moines, Iowa, to improve on their leadership skills. There were three full member meetings since last newsletter. We had two MSU graduates from industry come talk to us about their first year on the job. We also had an impromptu design contest, internship presentations by MSU seniors, and we had officer elections for next year's officers. This season's tours were comprised of the annual Schell Brewery tour, a tour of MTS Systems Co., and Minn Kota. We sponsored three social events this fall. The first was the reactivated sponsorship of Adopt a Highway, were MSU's ASME members cleaned a two mile strip of highway. This was followed by an after clean up barbeque at member's local home. The second activity was a night of free bowling for ASME members and friends. The final activity was a holiday food drive at Buffalo Wild Wings, where members received 10 free wings when they donated two cans of food to the local food shelf. From this event, we donated 60 pounds of canned goods!
Submitted by Jarret Lasman, Vice-Chair, 2004-2005
September Newsletter
As summer ends and the fall semester begins, our ASME student section looks to grow and diversify. The officers have put in a collective effort to increase our underclassmen enrollment. By giving PowerPoint presentations to key introductory engineering classes, this year's underclassman enrollment has already increased five fold! We have also begun building a design team for the RSC design competition. We recently had our fall "kickoff" meeting. The meeting overviewed plans for the year's social and academic activities, and George Lucas visited us to give a presentation on the benefits of being an ASME member. Our first social event is coming up, the ASME-IEEE-ASCE 3rd Annual Softball Tournament. It should be lots of fun. With all of our activities going on along side our schoolwork, we plan to have a busy and exciting fall season here at MSU, Mankato.
Submitted by Jarret Lasman, Vice-Chair, 2004-2005