HLC Academy for Assessment of Student Learning

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In June 2011, Minnesota State Mankato was accepted into the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Academy for Assessment of Student Learning (Academy). The Academy offers member institutions a four-year sequence of events and interactions that focus on accelerating and advancing the assessment and improvement of student learning. As a component of participation, institutions identify action portfolio projects related to assessing and improving student learning.   The overarching goal for our institutional student learning project is to revitalize our campus’s focus on student learning. To advance efforts to assess and improve student learning and build institution-wide commitment to assessment of student learning, activities within the scope of the project are focused in three areas. The three areas include:
  • Reviewing the current and implementing a revised comprehensive assessment system for general education outcomes.
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating writing/writing intensive assessment.
  • Establishing a comprehensive assessment system for institutional student learning outcomes.
While the project incorporates a number of different activities and areas of focus, three primary themes cut across the project: integration, utilization and communication. 

Primary Project Components:

General Education Outcomes Assessment

          General Education Outcome Assessment Resources

          General Education Outcomes Assessment Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee and Proposal

Institutional Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

          [PDF] Undergraduate Institutional Student Learning Outcome Assessment Plan (251 KiB)

          Institutional Student Learning Outcomes and General Education Crosswalk

          [PDF] Undergraduate Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Map (444 KiB)

Writing/Writing Intensive Assessment

          [PDF] Writing Assessment Plan (128 KiB)       

          [PDF] Fall 2014 Writing Intensive Report (355 KiB)

          [PDF] Fall 2013 Writing Intensive Report (54 KiB)

          [PDF] Student Writing Task Force Report (170 KiB)

Institutional Culture of Assessment

          [PDF] Culture of Assessment Plan (19 KiB)

          [PDF] Measuring Growth in Student Learning Certificate (78 KiB)

          [PDF] Program Level Assessment of Student Learning Certificate (114 KiB)

          [DOC] Pathways to Student Learning Award (28 KiB)

          [PDF] Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Certificate Offerings (51 KiB)

         [PDF] Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Certificate Offerings (66 KiB)