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Audio-Visual Materials

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Patricia Cross on Classroom Research

Video, 1990

LB3013 .K2 1990

AAHE Assessment as Evidence of Learning: Serving Student and Society

11 Tapes of June 12-16, 1999

Academic Affairs

AB 315

1. Opening Plenary I

Assessment at the Millennium: Now What? Ted Marchese, Thomas A. Angelo, Cecilia Lopez, Peter T. Ewell


2. Getting Started and Moving Forward: Creating an Assessment Culture Miriam Flutz, Leslie Wong


3. Assessment Strategies in an Innovative Corporate University: Linkages and Implications for Professional Preparation Programs JoAnn Carter-Wells, Tom Wojeik, Steve Sanders


4. Institutional Portfolios for Communication and Accreditation: Documenting Learning Effectiveness at the Institutional Level Susan Kahn, Ralph Wolff


5. An Assessment Model of an Undergraduate Academic Program Patrick Devine, Valerie Whittlesey


6. Making Assessment Plans Assessment Realities Elaine Maimon, Vianne McLean


7. A Comprehensive Approach to Establishing Learning Outcomes for General-Education Subject Areas at he baccalaureate-Degree Level James Morgan


8. Program Assessment with Portfolios: Theory, Implementation, and Results Jean Petrolle, Suzanne Malley, Jim Ottery

1. Assessing Multicultural Competence

Patricia King


-  Challenges in Classroom-Based Assessment: Objectivity, Comparability, Validity, and Closing the Feedback Loop B. Valvoord, B. Bardes, J. Denton, V. Anderson


-  Assessment in Student Affairs-Measuring What You Control Tim Marshall, Gary Pike


NCA's 104th Annual Meeting Chicago

7 Tapes 1999

Academic Affairs

1. The Institutional Portfolio: A Performance-Base Model for Assessment of General Education: Seybert, O'Hara



2. Evaluating General Education from within the Curriculum: Peterson, Nutter, Queen



3.Creating a Context to Support Assessment: Peterson



4. Living the Assessment Loop: Packard, Keating



5. Implementing a Culture of Assessment: The Early Steps: Kneten



6. The Not-So-Mad Hatter and Friends Talk About Assessment: Hunter, Emmons



7. Academic Assessment Issues for People Who Would Rather Not Be Involved in Such Things: Lind