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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

The office of Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) is located within the Student Activities center, CSU 173. It is the job of the RSO staff to help student organizations become recognized by the Student Senate and to help the organizations in any way possible. For more information, visit the RSO website.

This is not the current directory. It is an archival copy. There is a current RSO Directory that you may consult for current information.

RSO Details

Page address: on Campus, MSU

Christians on Campus, MSU

RSO Category: Religious

PresidentYohanes Ashenafi
AdvisorKellian Clink
Meeting Info.Sat at 1, wed at 4, thursdays at 2, tuesday at 5
Constitution Constitution of Christians on Campus.docx


The purpose of this organization shall be to have campus group meetings and one-on-one personal meetings with students who desire to become Christians, or who are already Christians. The organization is not denominational and will receive any and all who wish to become members. The meetings will be informal and participation is hoped for, but not required, by all who attend. These gatherings will be characterized by open fellowship regarding spiritual matters, extemporaneous prayer, singing of hymns, and readings in the Bible and/or other spiritual literature. Three matters will be emphasized in the context of developing close companionships between the members of the group: 1) the members will experience Christ as their life by exercising their human spirits, 2) they will experience brotherly love through the fellowship, prayer, and care from their fellow members, and 3) they will have a goal of bringing the gospel and all of its riches to their friends that they too might become Christians; these friends are welcome to become a part of the organization, but there is no requirement that they do so. In addition to the gatherings of the students, there will also be weekly invitations to several older Christians to visit the students involved and to render whatever help may be requested. Two of these “visiting helpers” presently are Jay Lukowicz of St. Charles and Mark Diedrich of Rochester. The visiting helpers will not be considered formal members of the organization as they are not students at MSU.