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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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PDF Accessiblity Tips

There are a variety of ways to create PDFs

  • From Adobe Acrobat Distiller - included with Adobe Acrobat
  • Scanning a paper document from Adobe Acrobat into a PDF (with OCR turned on)
  • PDFCreater - open source (free)
  • Apple MacOS X - Print to PDF
  • Apple MacOS X - Export to PDF option from Apple Pages, Apple Keynote.

Find Out What Created the PDF

  • Open any PDF and view Document Properties
  • Select PDF in the Finder; Select File Menu; Get Info

Using Acrobat Professional

  • Step 1 - Advanced Menu; Accessibility; Add Tags to Document (if not already - can do this in Word, Excel for Windows allows you to add tags)
  • If the PDF document is a graphic format (scanned in text without OCR) or the text is not selectable - Document Menu; Recognize Text Using OCR - unless of course you want it to remain a graphic format.
  • Step 2 - File Menu; Document Properties; Description Tab; add Title, Subject, Keywords ( I usually put the same text for all three), Author - either web address, person's name and email address. Advanced Tab; Language (select English). Adding this information helps web browsers "know" the document and call it up in web searches.
  • Step 3 - Advanced Menu; Accessibility; Touch Up Reading Order (modify anything that may not be in right order or classified correctly - could be table that should be text or something else)
  • Step 4 - Advanced Menu; Accessibility; Full Check (fix issues if possible)
  • Step 5 - Save As to do a more refreshed save - if you just Save; document doesn't get optimized and made as a smaller file size.

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