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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Outdoor Views - Residence Halls

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| Residential Life |

Crawford Center was the first building constructed and occupied on the new Highland Campus, narrowly beating the Wilson Campus School building into service by a little more than a month. Built in two stages, Crawford Center was the first residence hall on the upper campus of the then-Mankato State College. The first stage was completed in 1959, the final stage in 1967. Construction began in summer of 1958, and the A and B wings were ready for the residence hall opening Sept. 19, 1959, for the start of the 1959-60 school year. The center is named in honor of Clarence L. Crawford, seventh president of the institution who served in that capacity from 1946 to 1965.

Gage Center, a 12-story dual high-rise complex constructed in two stages, takes its name from George M. Gage, principal of the then-Second State Normal School at Mankato when it was established in 1868. Gage's "A" tower--that to the east--was completed in 1965. The "B" tower was completed in 1966. In fall of 1994, Mankato State opened Maverick Hall (in the former Gage B Tower), a pilot program intended to enhance first-year students' success in college through integrated learning, living and social experiences on campus.

McElroy Center was completed in 1961, and was the second residence hall on the upper campus of the then Mankato State College. The center takes its name from Frank D. McElroy, sixth president of the institution. The commons area linking the McElroy and Crawford Center was named in 1990 for Chester (Chet) A. Carkoski, assistant dean of students and director of housing from 1960 to 1973.