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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Vendor Number Request Instructions

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Effective immediately (3.19.2015) a new procedure is being implemented for obtaining new vendor numbers.  Vendors you wish to do business with (that do not already have a vendor number) should now register themselves with the State of Minnesota through the following link in order to get a SWIFT Vendor Number:

Please forward this link to any new vendor you wish to do business with (that does not already have a vendor number) and instruct them to click on the “Vendor Registration Link” to register as a vendor.

Vendor Registration Approval & Confirmation

Once the vendor’s registration is approved, a confirmation will be sent to the email address the vendor provided during the registration/creation process.  Included in this email confirmation will be the vendor’s new SWIFT Vendor ID number.  Please have the vendor forward this new number to you.

Please Note:  This process does not apply to international vendors.  If you plan to do business with an international vendor please contact Helen Wenner at 389-2269.

Why the change? 

We have been instructed by Minnesota State to implement vendor online self-registration through the State of Minnesota.  The benefits of implementing this new procedure include improved data security, compliance, and elimination of MSU to have to manually collect and separately mail/fax private data to the State of Minnesota.  This means you will no longer need to request a W-9 from the vendor.


If a vendor has any questions regarding the process of registering as a vendor with the State of Minnesota they may contact Cheryl Haefner at (507) 389-5017.