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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Student Payroll

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Graduate Assistant Hiring Packets

  • The W-4 (withholding) and I-9 (Immigration) are required when hiring a Graduate Assistant employee to be on the Student Payroll System.
  • A Work Authorization Form is required by the University hiring department.
  • When these 3 forms (W-4, I-9, WAF) are completed, give them to the Graduate Office. Give the Information sheet (the content from this webpage) to the Graduate Assistant employee along with a schedule of the paydays.

Direct Deposit Information

Completing the W-4

To complete the W-4, have the STUDENT EMPLOYEE complete the following:

(If the student says they have worked at the University already - they do not need to fill out the W-4 and I-9 again)

Line 1. Print their name.

Line 2. Social security number

Line 3.Marital status-check one.

Line 4. Indicate exemptions for taxes withheld from each paycheck (IRS Withholding Calculator).

Line 5. Indicate a dollar amount for an additional amount to be withheld from each paycheck.

Line 6. Exempt from taxes (also need to complete MN W-4 if claiming exempt)

Line 7. Employee's/student's signature and date.

Completing the I-9

To complete the I-9, have the student complete the top portion of the form --and sign it. Then, you the supervisor --

  1. Ask student for ID's (see back of I-9 for acceptable documents). We suggest the MavCARD or Driver's License for LIST B AND the original social security card or birth certificate with county seal for LIST C.
  2. Examine document and write document name and number on the I-9 form under LIST B - for the picture ID and under LIST C - for social security card.

It is NOT necessary to make copies. Your SIGNATURE in the Employer Authorized area ( where you sign) indicates that you looked at the original documents.

Graduate Assistant Routing IDs

Routing IDs are set up by the Payroll Office for the purpose of campus delivery of the bi-weekly payroster to the department. Graduate Assistant Routing IDs begin with G - and letters indicating the department. this Routing ID must be on the WAF form.

Graduate Assistants Pay Roster

This roster lists the graduate assistants that have active work authorizations for your specific Routing ID for the current pay period. For each work authorization it shows the student’s name, Tech ID, cost center and name, object code and description, pay rate and expiration date of the work authorization. Graduate assistants are paid a biweekly lump sum amount determined by the terms of their contract. The department certifies on this roster that the graduate assistants listed have performed their duties in accordance with their specific contract for the pay period listed at the top of the roster. The completed rosters are due to Student Payroll according to the payday/timesheet schedule.

Graduate Assistant Terminations

When a department knows that a graduate assistant has terminated, or is going to terminate, the College of Graduate Studies and Student Payroll must be notified immediately. At the same time a work authorization form is to be completed to record the graduate assistants last day of work and the revised contract amount that is to be paid. Student Payroll needs this data to make a final payment to the student and prevent an overpayment. This paperwork ends the work authorization for the graduate assistant and removes them from pay status and the payroll roster once the final date and revised contract amount have been met. This data is also used to verify the graduate assistant’s eligibility for the tuition reduction.

Student Payroll Work Authorization Report (yellow) - PR0024GR-FM

This report provides complete details on all work authorization for the Fiscal Year by Routing ID. This report is prepared and delivered biweekly for each Routing ID. This report gives you the work authorization number assigned from the work authorization forms you sent to be processed. Since this report is so informative, we will no longer send back copies of the work authorization forms, and the Financial Aid Office will no longer send out work study balances.

Information on this report includes:

  • Employee type - Federal work study, State work study, Regular student help and Graduate Assistants
  • Cost Center
  • Student Employee Name
  • Tech ID
  • Matching Cost Center for Work Study
  • Status - Active, Inactive or Audit
  • Begin and Expire Date (from Work Authorization)
  • Pay Code with Hourly Rate
  • Work Authorization Number
  • Work Authorization Info - This will show the work study award amount, the expended amount and the remaining balance for work study, or For Graduate Assistants it will show the contract amount, the expended amount, and the remaining contract.