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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

University Travel

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Expense Reimbursement Allowances by Collective Bargaining Agreements / Compensation Plans

effective January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Managerial Plan (#220)

Type of Expense
State-owned vehicle not available 53.5 cents per mile
State-owned vehicle declined or not requested 46.5 cents per mile
Tolls and parking fees actual cost
Commercial transportation (air, taxi, rental car, etc.) + reasonable gratuities actual cost
Specially equipped personal van - provides wheelchair access 63.0 cents per mile
Motorcycle 15.0 cents per mile
Personal aircraft 54.0 cents per mile
Overnight lodging actual cost (reasonable)
Laundry and/or dry-cleaning after 1 week in travel status actual cost not to exceed $16 per week
Work-related long distance calls actual cost
Personal telephone calls actual cost up to maximum of # of nights away x $3
Special expenses (e.g., conference fees, banquet tickets) actual cost with prior approval
Meals + reasonable gratuities

l breakfast (in travel status overnight or leave home before 6 am)

l lunch (in travel status and more than 35 miles from work station)

l dinner (in travel status overnight or return home after 7:00 pm)

Actual cost up to maximums

Breakfast - $9.00
Lunch - $11.00
Dinner - $16.00

Other metro areas:*
Breakfast - $11.00
Lunch - $13.00
Dinner - $20.00
2 or more consecutive meals reimbursed up to the combined maximum

Payment of expenses Advances if expenses exceed $50.