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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Directory Information

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What is Directory Information

Student information that is available to the public is designated as Directory Information. Any information NOT listed as Directory information is private information and will not be provided to requesters without written permission from the student. Certain exceptions may apply. These exceptions are noted under Disclosure of Academic Records. Minnesota State Mankato has designated the following items as directory information:

  1. Name*
  2. Date and place of birth*
  3. Local and permanent address*
  4. Major field of study*
  5. Local and permanent telephone number*
  6. Dates of attendance*
  7. Grade level classification*
  8. Previous college/university attended*
  9. Degrees received*
  10. Email address
  11. Awards and honors
  12. Height and weight information for athletic participants
  13. Performance records and participation in competitive events and officially recognized activities, sports, and organizations
  14. Photographs taken individually or in groups
  15. Video recordings taken individually or in groups

*This information is maintained by the Registrar.

Students may request that Directory Information be kept private. See information below.

Campus Directory (Print and Online)

Your name, address and phone number appear in the MSU Campus Student Directory published each fall and the MSU online directory (People Finder). If you choose, you can request not to have this information published in the printed and online directory.

Request to Keep Printed and Online Directory Information Private

Fill out the following form and turn that in to the Campus Hub (SU 117), or stop by the Campus Hub and fill out the form.

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