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Fall Semester 2008

Students are allowed to make changes to their class schedules without financial penalty up to a specific date each semester.

For Fall Semester, there is no financial penalty for students who drop and/or add courses through August 29, 2008, the fifth day of the semester. A 100% tuition/fee refund/credit is allowed for courses dropped through the fifth day of the semester or through one day after the first class session, whichever is later. Tuition/fee charges for courses dropped after August 29, 2008 will not be removed from your account, except as provided through an approved course exchange or tuition appeal, or as a result of an official withdrawal from the University. Course exchanges are handled through the Registration Help Center. A Tuition Refund Appeal form is available at the Campus Hub and must be submitted to the Campus Hub when the courses are dropped, no later than the end of the semester, if you wish to request consideration for refund/credit for courses dropped after August 29, 2008. Documentation is required to substantiate your reason for an appeal.