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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Registration Cancellation for Non Payment

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All students must meet minimum financial requirements to remain enrolled each semester. Student accounts are reviewed in advance of the published Registration Guarantee Dates; accounts that do not meet the requirements are subject to registration cancellation for nonpayment.

Note some actions taken to meet the minimum financial requirements may not be immediately reflected on student accounts; students can verify updated Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment status on the Bills and Payment page on e-services. A green "GO" symbol means requirements have been met, a red "STOP" symbol means your registration is still at risk of cancellation for non-payment.

Minimum Payment Requirements

Meeting one or more of the following conditions will prevent registration cancellation for nonpayment:

  • Payment in full by cash, check, credit card or ACH bank draft
  • Partial payment of $300 or 15% of tuition and fees charges, whichever is less
  • FAFSA (federal financial aid application) in process with the University Apply online
    • FAFSA data transmission to school takes 3-5 business days; send email confirmation info to Campus Hub if needed to meet timeline
  • Enrollment in an automatic monthly payment plan through Nelnet/FACTS (credit card or ACH bank draft)
    • Enrollment in payment plan takes 1-3 business days to reflect on student’s record; send email confirmation info to Campus Hub if needed to meet timeline
  • Scholarships, third party payments, or tuition waivers reflected on the student’s account that meets the 15% or $300 minimum

Registration Guarantee Dates

Spring Semester 2019

  • December 18, 2018, for students registering through December 11, 2018
    • International students with active I-20 or DS2019 status are not subject to the early guarantee date. It is important to verify this exemption on e-services; contact the International Student & Scholar Services located in the Kearney Center, SU250, if messages indicate risk of cancellation.
  • January 18, 2019, for all students registered through January 18, 2019

Students at risk of registration cancellation for nonpayment are alerted by email prior to the registration guarantee date to provide the opportunity to resolve their status. Those impacted by registration cancellation are notified by email as well. Re-enrollment guidance is provided at that time and will vary depending on whether the cancellation occurs after the Early Registration Guarantee Date or the Final Registration Guarantee Date.

Students not intending to stay enrolled in classes should not rely on the Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment procedure to automatically remove course registration and related tuition & fees charges. See additional information about Dropping Courses or initiating an Official Withdrawal to prevent unintended financial obligation to the University.