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Financial Aid for Aviation Students

The first step in receiving Federal financial aid for all programs is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This can be done at  Students should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 each year.  Federal Perkins Loan funds, Federal SEOG funds, Federal and State Work-Study funds, and Alliss Scholarship funds are limited, and awarded on a first come first served basis for those students who qualify.  These funds are usually exhausted by MSU’s priority processing date of March 15. 

FAFSA Results

Student Financial Services will received the results from the FAFSA at approximately the same time the student receives their Student Aid Report from the Department of Education.  Student Financial Services will determine the types of Federal and/or State financial aid for which the student is eligible.  The student will be sent an email regarding their award notice and steps needed to complete the Student Response Form.

Additional Costs

Students enrolled in the Aviation program have additional costs that the average student does not incur. 

Additional Aid for Flight Training Labs

Aviation students are eligible to receive additional aid for flight training labs under certain conditions.  Aviation students must be enrolled for the specific flight training lab for which they are requesting funding, during the term for which they are requesting funds; (i.e. you must register for Private Pilot Flight Lab during the same semester you request additional funding for Private Pilot Flight Lab.)  The Code of Federal Regulations (34 CFR) as it pertains to Federal Financial Aid states: “an institution may disburse Title IV Higher Education Assistance program funds [financial aid] to a student or parent for a payment period only if the student is enrolled for classes for that payment period and is eligible to receive those funds.” [34 CFR, 668.164(b)(1)]   34 CFR also states an institution may contract with another institution to provide up to 50 percent of the training for a program.  [34 CFR, 668.5]  Minnesota State University, Mankato has contracted with North Star Aviation to provide the flight training for aviation students.  Therefore, to receive funding for flight training labs, both conditions must be met.  A student must be registered for the specific flight training lab for which they are requesting funding during the same semester the student requests additional funding AND the student must be flying those flight training hours with North Star Aviation.

Registration Guidelines

Aviation students must follow the same registration guidelines for flight labs as all other students follow for classes in other majors, i.e. no new registrations will be taken by the Registrar’s Office for flight labs after the initial 5-day drop/add period for the regular academic term or prior to the second day of classes for summer terms.  If the student chooses to begin flight activity during a term, but after the initial enrollment period has passed, the student must request permission to register from their academic advisor, and follow Registrar’s Office appeal procedures. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAPS)

Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress at all times. When these requirements are in place and eligibility has been confirmed, the Budget Adjustment Request will be processed. Students will be sent a Budget Adjustment Request Results Notification form.  Student Financial Services will confirm student’s registration before the Budget Adjustment Request Form will be processed. 

Subsidized or Unsubsidized Federal Direct loans

Additional Subsidized or Unsubsidized Federal Direct loans will automatically be processed if the student has remaining eligibility for them.  All additional Federal Direct loans will be disbursed in two installments.  If you are offered a Federal Direct Loan for the first time in a given academic year, you acceptance will be required.  The majority of Aviation students will need to borrow the cost of Aviation flight training from an alternate loan source.  This information will accompany the Results Notification.  Additional funding will only be given once for a particular flight training lab regardless of whether the student was able to complete training within the recommended number of flight instruction training hours.

On-going Confirmation of Enrollment

On-going confirmation of enrollment in and active participation with North Star Aviation for flight training will occur each term.  If the student decides not to fly during the term for which aid was received or does not fly with North Star Aviation, all additional aid received for flight training labs during that semester must be repaid immediately. 

MSU Department of Aviation