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Statement of Understanding for Students Studying Abroad (Non-Minnesota State Mankato sponsored tour/program)

1. In order to know the funds available to you for your study abroad tour/program, you must apply for financial aid, if you have not already done so, by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 6 weeks in advance of your program/tour application date.  You may apply online at This will allow for the FAFSA data to be received at Minnesota State Mankato and any required processing (i.e. verification, residency, grade eligibility, etc.)     

2. The absolute deadline for the FAFSA application to be completed is the application deadline for your program/tour.  Once the application is received at Minnesota State Mankato you are responsible for completing your FAFSA application including all additional processing requirements.  The FAFSA application for 2011-2012 covers the Fall 2011, Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 terms.  Summer term also requires a separate application normally available online approximately mid-March at the Campus Hub website.

3. You must have received your financial aid award notification outlining funds available. In order to determine if you may be eligible for financial aid (loans) in addition to the original amount indicated on your award letter, you will need to complete a Budget Adjustment Request available at the Campus Hub.  Attach a copy of the Kearney International Center Cost Worksheet (available from the Kearney International Center) to that form.  You may complete this step prior to your appointment (see step 4).  Please be sure that you determine and indicate the number of credits you will enroll for as well as any course related excursions with the Kearney International Center when you complete the Cost Worksheet. 

4. Because the credits for your program are not MSU credits, you need to complete a Consortium Agreement process no later than the application deadline for your study abroad program if you plan to receive financial aid of any kind.  Without it, no financial aid, which includes scholarships, grants or loans, can be disbursed to you for your study abroad term.  Please make an appointment at the Campus Hub. Bring copies of the completed and signed Kearney International Center Institutional Accreditation Form and the Kearney International Center Cost Worksheet with you to the appointment.

5. Financial aid - including private educational loans - cannot be disbursed prior to the established dates for the academic term in which your study abroad tour/program is assigned. Please make alternative arrangements to meet payment requirements for related expenses prior to financial aid funds availability.

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