Financial Aid Steps Overview

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Admittance to University

Apply for admission to the Minnesota State Mankato

Apply for FAFSA

Each year, beginning on January 1st you can apply for the next academic year. March 15th is the priority processing date.

Student Aid Report

The federal government sends you a Student Aid Report. It shows your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), as determined by FAFSA analysis.You will receive via email your Student Aid Report from the Federal government a few weeks after FAFSA application is submitted.

Financial Aid Status

Check your Financial Aid Status.

Award Notice

Your Award Notice is an electronic statement that is available through Minnesota State Mankato's Financial Aid Status site. Student Financial Services will contact via email that your Award Notice is availabe on the Minnesota State Mankato's Financial Aid Status site in April. Review your Award Notice and then complete the Student Response Form.

Student Response Form

The Student Response Form is the process of accepting your financial aid awards.

  1. Link available via your Award Notice or Campus Hub web site.
  2. Read about Terms and conditions of your financial aid programs
  3. Login to Dynamic Forms to fill-out your Student Response Form
  4. Student Response Form is submitted to Student Financial Services for review

Student completes any additional required application or acceptance steps (loan counseling, promissory notes, lender selection) via the Student Response Form process:

  1. Federal or State Workstudy (questionaire)
  2. Federal Perkins Loans (loan counseling, promissory note)
  3. Federal Direct Loans (loan counseling, promissory note, confirm loan is approved)
  4. Other Loan options (form, promissory note, lender selection, confirm loan is approved)

Direct Deposit

Minneosota State Mankato utilizes direct deposit to reduce costs to the student and university and for speedy delivery of funds. Verify or signup for Direct Deposit (for any overage of financial aid)

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees, Room and Board are first paid to the University with your financial aid award. If the financial aid processed exceeds your University charges, it will be disbursed to you via direct deposit. Aid is processed throughout the semester and overage payments are disbursed beginning on the 10th class day. Email notifications will be sent to you regarding your disbursement amounts - indicating a "Payment to Student".

Special Circumstances

Certain financial and life circumstances may change your financial aid after you have applied for financial aid.

Budget Adjustments

The Budget Adjustment Request process reviews certain costs students may incur which are either not covered or exceed the amounts covered in the financial aid cost of attendance.

Contact the Campus Hub for Help

Centennial Student Union 117
Telephone: 1-507-389-1866
1-800-722-0544 (V)