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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Spring 2011

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Duathlon (Male) -  Brenden Huber
Duathlon (Female) -  Nicole Williams
Team Bowling (Open) – Split Happens
Ice Hockey (Men’s) – Ice Devouring Tornadoes
Racquetball Singles (Men’s) – Brady Prince
5-on-5 Basketball (Men’s A) – The Freeballers
5-on-5 Basketball (Men’s B) – The Quick & Dirty
5-on-5 Basketball (Women’s) – The Minions
Hot Shot Contest (Men’s) – Corey Blaedorn
Hot Shot Contest (Women’s) – Dani Beekman
Free Throw Contest (Men’s) – Mitchell Held
Free Throw Contest (Women’s) – April Hayes
Table Tennis Singles (Men’s) – Tyler Jaeger
8-Ball Pool Singles (Open) – Paige Burgstahler
Wrestling Tournament (125-135 lbs) – Adam Clark
Wrestling Tournament (140-150 lbs) – Caleb Diercks
Wrestling Tournament (155-160 lbs) – Sam Steffel
Wrestling Tournament (165-175 lbs) – Jack Hawkins
Wrestling Tournament (180-190 lbs) – John Wermers
Wrestling Tournament (260-270 lbs) – Logan Figueroa
Men’s NCAA Tourney Basketball Pick’em – Brett Lueck
Women’s NCAA Tourney Basketball Pick’em – Ryan Stevens
Racquetball Doubles (Open) – Brady Prince/Amanda DeCurtins
Volleyball (CoRec A) – One Peat
Volleyball (CoRec B) – Wild Sets
Volleyball (Women’s) – The Allstars
Volleyball (Men’s) – She Looked 18
Indoor Soccer (Men’s A) – Raining Champs
Indoor Soccer (Men’s B) – Eskimo Brothers
Indoor Soccer (CoRec A) – U.S.A.
Indoor Soccer (CoRec B) - Ballers
Softball (Men’s A) – Lenny Pepperbottom & The Boys
Softball (Men’s B) – The Brew Crew
Softball (CoRec A) – Vicious & Delicious
Softball (CoRec B) – McThunderstix
Golf Singles (Men’s) – Matthew Corners