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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Group 2 - Cost Analysis

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Group 2 - Cost Analysis (Claims, Worker's Comp)


The charge for this group was to gather and analyze existing data on health and wellness of Minnesota State University, Mankato employees to establish a baseline estimate of yearly health-related costs to the institution. These data may be used at a later point to determine whether health and wellness programs initiated as a result of Task Force recommendations have an impact on specific health-related costs.


  • The group examined campus data from Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, and state-wide data from the Department of Employee Relations (DOER) where consistent health-related information has been gathered in the past. These included:
  • Average sick leave hours used over the past 3 years by bargaining unit and age group, OSHA Summary of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses (compiled by Therese Mullins and Minnesota State University, Mankato Human Resources Staff)
  • Worker’s compensation injuries over the past 3 years including type and classification of injury, body part affected, and cost to the university (compiled by Rob McGinn and Minnesota State University, Mankato Environmental Health and Safety Staff)
  • Aggregate data from health surveys conducted byBlue Cross/Blue Shield, Preferred One, and Health completed by State of Minnesota employees in fall 2005 (compiled by Penny Knoblich, with data supplied by Ricka Stenerson, Manager, Health Risk Management, DOER)