About the SRC

Page address: http://www.mnsu.edu/carts/advising/src.html

The office of the Student Relations Coordinator (SRC), located within the College of Arts and Humanities, is an office primarily for advising.

The SRC is responsible for:

  1. advising and evaluating student transcripts for new and old general education requirements,
  2. handling all initial contact with students who have been placed on academic probation and directing them to an advisor in their major department for work on a plan of study,
  3. advising students who have minors within the college but may have majors outside of the college,
  4. and providing information to students interested in majoring in a field within the college.

The SRC is also well versed in the many activities and events sponsored and coordinated by all departments in the college. The SRC encourages and directs students to seek out the individual in each department who is the most knowledgeable about such programs and events.

Overall, the office of the SRC for the College of Arts and Humanities is an office that is concerned about student welfare. Students who are having academic problems or are considering a major or minor in the college are encouraged to contact Gina Maahs-Zurbey for information or make an appointment by phone

Student Resource Coordinator

Gina Maahs-Zurbey
College of Arts and Humanities
226 Armstrong Hall
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN 56001