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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Julie Kerr-Berry

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Julie Kerr-Berry Biography
College of Arts and Humanities Award, Minnesota State University, Mankato

JKBerryJulie A. Kerr-Berry, Ed.D, is the Dance Program Director at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and is a recent recipient of the Arts and Humanities Award. This award was for innovation, student success, professional achievement, diversity and cooperative achievement. Julie earned her Ed.D and MEd in dance from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Kerr-Berry studied modern dance and African-based traditions with Wigman, Limón, and Umfundalai, and has traveled extensively as a Fulbright Scholar and through a University-sponsored grant for international education.

Dr. Kerr-Berry’s teaching balances the theory and practice of dance. She teaches dance history, dance pedagogy, global forms, dance composition, contemporary dance technique, and feminist body politics as it applies to dance. She is active in Minneapolis-St. Paul’s dance community, lecturing and presenting master classes. As a founding member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), she was Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Dance Education (JODE) for its first decade. Her writing focuses on critical pedagogy in dance education aimed at issues of social justice. Nationally, she presents her work at various conferences.

“Through the lens of dance, the study of human behavior drives my scholarly and creative work. In essence, dance was the threshold that led me beyond the cornfields of Iowa (where I was raised) to a deep love of teaching. It was teaching that drew me to this university. As a professor here, I have been able to develop coursework and different programs of study, create dances, publish, and travel here and abroad.”

Julie intends to continue her writing and creating of dance works in the coming years. She enjoys travelling, and hopes to apply for another Fulbright Scholarship soon. Julie also plans to deepen her yoga practice as it grounds her teaching of an embodied art form. Professor Kerr-Berry is currently working on a paper to present in October of 2013, entitled Personalizing the Political in a Body Politics Course: Women, Power, and Dance. Julie is remounting a recent choreographic work for adjudication at the American College Dance Festival, held in March of 2014.




Outstanding Leadership Award, National Dance Education Organization
College of Arts and Humanities Award, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dance Works:

Inside Out, 2012
Three Episodes, 2013


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