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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Self-Managed Credential Files

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School districts throughout the country now readily accept "self-managed credentials" submitted directly by the applicant. Many colleges/universities have operated successfully under this type of system for several years. In light of this, we believe it is most efficient to have teacher candidates assume the responsibility of managing their own credentials during the job search, rather than having them maintained and assembled by the CDC.

Advantages of Managing Your Own File

  • Control of your file: what is in it, what goes out to employers and when-you are in charge!
  • Cost: your only cost is for photocopies, envelopes, and postage
  • Comprehensive package: you can mail all of your paperwork (cover letter, resume, transcripts, license, etc.) in one comprehensive mailing

Self-Managed Credentials

Self-manage your credentials by keeping updated copies of the following suggested items on hand to share with districts as you apply for jobs:

  • An [PDF] education credentials cover sheet (101 KiB) (100KB PDF).
  • Resume
  • Standard cover letter/letter of interest. Tailor to specific district/position as appropriate.
  • Copies of letters of recommendation (usually 3)
  • Student teaching final evaluations
  • Copy of teaching license (if available; this is not necessary for recent graduates in the process of obtaining certification)
  • Copy of official transcript(s) (available from the MSU Registrar for a nominal fee)
  • Most districts will also request that you complete some type of a district application form. Check with the individual district for specific guidelines.
  • Although used primarily as a learning tool, many districts will request copies of student teaching evaluations. If these are not included with your self-managed credentials, you should be sure to have letters of recommendation from your cooperating teacher and/or university supervisor.
  • Neatly assemble, pack and mail your credentials in a large (9x12) envelope. Do not fold materials. Be sure to type the school district address and your mailing address on the envelope or use a computer-generated label.

As an alternative, you may choose to self-manage your credentials by using an online service to store documents and enable school districts/employers to view your credentials online and/or send "official copies" directly to the employer. EFolio is one such system sponsored by the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (Minnesota State), which is of no cost to Minnesota students and residents. ReferenceNow is another such system which is privately owned/operated. Users pay $2.00 per month while the file is actively available to employers online. Once a file is inactive, it is stored indefinitely for free and there is no start-up fee to reactivate it.

The CDC and the MSU College of Education strongly recommend that all students, new graduates, and alumni register with the CDC's system. This system is an online resume referral and job listing system exclusively available to MSU students, new graduates, and alumni. For more information on services available to students, new graduates and alumni, see "Services Overview"