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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Getting Started

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This is a 3 step guide to help you find career planning success. We encourage you to try out activities from every step, but feel free to customize this plan and make it your own!


  • Step 1 - Discover Your Passion
  • Step 2 - Develop Skills & Experiences
  • Step 3 - Launch Your Career


Step 1 - Discover Your Passion

Increase your chances of finding a satisfying career by learning about yourself, discovering your interests, identifying your skills and values, and figuring out how they relate to the world of work. Your Career Development Center has gathered a number of great resources you can use to explore and further investigate any of the occupations you're interested in, including details about what specific jobs entail, employment projections, employers hiring in that field, and salary and relocation information.


Step 2 - Develop Your Skills & Experience

Narrowing and prioritizing career options. Identifying education/training/employment options

  • Gain experience through part-time jobs or internships, you can use to browse job postings
  • Take a leadership role in a campus organization
  • Research graduate and professional schools and their requirements
  • Prepare and take tests required for admissions, the Counseling Center offers many graduate admissions testing opportunities
  • Draft a resume and cover letter. Use the Job Search Handbook
  • Consider adding a minor or another major that relates to coursework you are already taking
  • Fill out any required graduation documentation 1 year before desired graduation date.

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Step 3 - Launch Your Career

Carrying through on your plan of action the world of work or graduate/professional school

  • Register for and attend career or job fairs where you can network and participate in the interview process
  • Upload your  resume into and make it available for employers to review
  • Complete graduate and professional school application process
  • Consider attending an on campus recruiting info or interview session.

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