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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Internship Coordinators

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Internship Coordinators by College:


College of Allied Health and Nursing

College of Arts and Humanities

College of Business

College of Education

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


College of Allied Health and Nursing

Alcohol & Drug Studies Internship

Office: Highland Center North 213
Phone: 507-389-2686


Athletic Training

Clinical Experience

Dr. Theresa Mackey
Office: Highland Center 1220
Phone: 507-389-1355


Dr. Patrick Sexton
Office: Highland Center 1222
Phone: 507-389-2092


Child Development and Family Studies

Dr. Heather Von Bank
Office: Wiecking Center B102
Phone: 507-389-5915


Dr. Daniel Moen
Office: Wiecking Center B122


Communication Disorders

Clinical Practicum, Internship

Jessica Jones
Office: Armstrong Hall 103E
Phone: 507-389-5224


Consumer Studies

Dr. Jae Min Lee
Office: Wiecking Center B120
Phone: 507-389-5926


Dental Hygiene


Contact Advisor
Office: Morris Hall 3
Phone: 507-389-1313



Internship, Clinical

Dr. Joye Bond
Office: Wiecking Center B117
Phone: 507-389-5923


Dr. David Bissonnette
Office: Wiecking Center B107
Phone: 507-389-5927


Exercise Science


Dr. Robert Pettitt
Office: Highland Center North 1316
Phone: 507-389-1811


Family Consumer Science Education

Dr. Jill Conlon
Office: Wiecking Center B121
Phone: 507-389-5924


Foods and Nutrition

Dr. Joye Bond
Office: Wiecking Center B117
Phone: 507-389-5923


Health Science

Community Health Education Internship

Dr. Amy Hedman
Office: Highland Center North 204
Phone: 507-389-5382


Leisure Planning and Management

Brooke Burk
Office: Highland North 209
Phone: 507-389-5930


Kristi Montandon
Office: Highland North 210
Phone: 507-389-5320


Rachelle Fuller
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2364



Dr. Patricia Young or contact School of Nursing Office
Office: Wissink Hall 360
Phone: 507-389-6022


Physical Education Teacher/ Developmental Adapted Coordinator

Dr. Susan Tarr
Office: Highland North 171
Phone: 507-389-2626


Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. Andrew Phemister
Office: Armstrong 212
Phone: 507-389-1005


Resource Management

Dr. Robyn Ceurvorst
Office: Highland North 208
Phone: 507-389-3201


Dr. Rachelle Fuller
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2364


Dr. Jonathan Hicks
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2747


Sport Management

Dr. Suzannah Armentrout
Office: Highland Center North 172
Phone: 507-389-5688


Therapeutic Recreation

Dr. James Wise
Office: Highland North 179 
Phone: 507-389-2128


College of Arts and Humanities



Graphic Design

Brian Frink
Office: Nelson Hall 122
Phone: 507-389-6412


Communication Studies

David Engen
Office: Armstrong Hall 201S
Phone: 507-389-5537


Mass Media

Amy Lauters
Office: Nelson Hall 125
Phone: 507-389-5523



English/Technical Communication

Roland Nord
Office: Armstrong Hall 229E
Phone: 507-389-5402


English/General Studies and Literature

Donna Casella
Office: Armstrong Hall 201A
Phone: 507-389-5260


English/Creative Writing

Rick Robbins
Office: Armstrong Hall 201F
Phone: 507-389-1354


English/Speech Education - English Focus

John Banschbach
Office: Armstrong Hall 201I
Phone: 507-389-5501



Nancy Drescher
Office: Armstrong Hall 201H
Phone: 507-389-5504



Gwen Westerman
Office: Armstrong Hall 229F
Phone: 507-389-5508


Modern Languages (World Languages and Cultures)

Gregory Taylor
Office: Armstrong Hall 229A
Phone: 507-389-2116


Music Industry

Tonya Butler
Office: Performing Arts Center 305
Phone: 507-389-5802


Interdisciplinary Studies

Kristen Treinen
Office: Armstrong Hall 307B
Phone: 507-389-5535



Dick Liebendorfer
Office: Armstrong Hall 224A
Phone: 507-389-2317



David Morano
Office: Nelson Hall 117
Phone: 507-389-5214


Scandinavian Studies

Rennesa Jessup
Office: Armstrong Hall 218E
Phone: 507-389-2917


Theatre and Dance

Internship, Field Study

Paul Hustoles
Office: Performing Arts Center 201
Phone: 507-389-2118


College of Business


Internship and External Partnerships Coordinator

College of Business Internship Information

Luke Howk
151 Morris Hall
Office: 507-389-1827


College of Education




Tom Peterson
Office: 507-389-1303


Business Education


Deborah Jesseman
Office: 313 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5662


Children’s House

Jodi Malecha
Office: 150 Wiecking Center
Phone: 507-389-1645


Counseling and Student Personnel


Jacqueline Lewis
Professional Counseling
Office: 107 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5657


Ann Miller
Mental Health
Office: 107 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5239


Jacqueline Lewis
Student Affairs
Office: 107 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5657


Diane Coursol
Doctoral Practicum/Internship Coordinator
Office: 107 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5656


Educational Leadership


Candace Raskin
Department Chair
Office: 7700 France (Office-FR)
Phone: 952-818-8881


Julie Carlson
Coordinator of the Masters in EXED and Ed Ld. Programs - Mankato
Office: 115 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5441


Jason Kaufman
Coordinator of the Masters in EXED and Ed Ld. Programs -Edina
Office: 7700 France
Phone: 952-818-8877


Scott Wurdinger
Doctorate Program Coordinator
Office: 115 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-2919


Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Karen Colum - Department Chair

Field Experience, Internship, Student Teaching
Office: 328 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5704


K12 and Secondary Programs

Internship, Practicum

Carrie Chapman - Department Chair
Business Education
Office: 312H Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5210


Teresa Kruizenga
Grad. License Coordinator
Office 318G Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5177


Scott Page
Undergrad License Coordinator
Office: 313 Armstrong Hall (312J)
Phone: 507-389-1788


Deborah Jesseman
School Library & Information Studies
Office: 313 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5662


Library Media Education

Practicum, Internship, Clinical

Deborah Jesseman
School Library & Information Studies
Office: 313 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5662


Military Science


John Dart
Office: 316 Wiecking Center
Phone: 507-389-1524


Special Education

Student Teaching

Alex Panahon - Department Chair
Office: 312 Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-2908


College of Science Engineering and Technology


Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology


Bruce Jones
Office: Trafton E 129
Phone: 507-389-6383


Biological Sciences


Contact Advisor
Office: Trafton S 242
Phone: 507-389-2786


Chemistry and Geology

Internship, Field Study

Brian Groh
Office: Ford Hall 342
Phone: 507-389-5921


Computer Info Science


Mahbubur Syed
Office: Wissink Hall 225
Phone: 507-389-3226


Cyrus Azarbod
Office: Wissink Hall 246
Phone: 507-389-5405


Construction Management


Dr. Brian Wasserman
Office: 302 Wiecking Center
Phone: 507-389-1875


Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology


Dr. Vincent Zhang
Office: Trafton N 240
Phone: 507-389-2157


Environmental Science


Bertha (Beth) Proctor
Office: Trafton S 336
Phone: 507-389-5697


Integrated Engineering (Iron Range & Twin Cities)


Dean Kelley
Office: Wissink Hall 229
Phone: 507-389-3238


Mathematics and Statistics


Charles Waters
Office: Wissink Hall 273
Phone: 507-389-5903


Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Stephen Druschel 
Office: Trafton E 325
Phone: 507-389-5252
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Mechanical Engineering


Patrick Tebbe
Office: Trafton E 205
Phone: 507-389-6834
[PDF] (23 KiB) e/current/forms.html


Medical Laboratory Science

Internship, Clinical Internship

Lois Anderson
Office: Trafton S 246
Phone: 507-389-2417


Physics and Astronomy


Thomas Brown
Office: Trafton N 142
Phone: 507-389-2096


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences



Susan Schalge
Office: Trafton North 359
Phone: 507-389-5337  




Ashok Chowdhury
Office: Morris Hall 124
Phone: 507-389-5329


Ethnic Studies


All Faculty
Office: Morris Hall 109
Phone: 507-389-2798


Gender and Women’s Studies

Internship: Community

Maria Bevacqua
Office: Morris Hall 109A
Phone: 507-389-5025


Internship: Teaching

All GWS faculty


Geography and Earth Science

Internship, Field Study

All Faculty
Office: Morris Hall 206
Phone: 507-389-2617




Angela Jill Cooley
Office: Morris Hall 221K
Phone: 507-389-1248


Law Enforcement (LAWE 492)

Tamara Wilkins
Office: Morris Hall 109D
Phone: 507-389-1118


Nonprofit Internship

Carol Glasser
Office: AH113O 
Phone: 507-389-1345


Political Science, International Relations and Public Administration (POL491, POL691)

Scott Granberg-Rademacker
Office: Morris Hall 221C
Phone: 507-389-6939



Field Studies

Rosemary Krawczyk
Office: Armstrong Hall 027
Phone: 507-389-5816


Social Work Junior Field Experience

Debra Gohagan
Office: Wissink Hall 339
Phone: 507-389-1699


Social Work Field Practicum

Laurie Strunk 
Office: Wissink Hall 341 
Phone: 507-389-6192


Social Work Field Practicum

Christine Black-Hughes
Office: Trafton North 334
Phone: 507-389-5670


Social Work MSW Field Education Director

Jennifer L. Parker
Office: Wissink Hall 344
Phone: 507-389-1271


Sociology and Corrections (Aging Studies)


Internship, Practicum

Carol Glasser
Office: AH113O
Phone: 507-389-1345


Sociology College Teaching Internship Coordinator

Sara Epplen
Office: Armstrong Hall 113L
Phone: 507-389-5669



Field Practice, Internship

Sherrise Truesdale
Office: Armstrong Hall 113P
Phone: 507-389-1868


Aging Studies

Internship, NHA Practicum

Carol Glasser
Office: Armstrong Hall 113O
Phone: 507-389-1345


Urban and Regional Studies

Internship Coordinator

Miriam Porter 
Office: Morris Hall 106 E
Phone: 507-389-5032

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