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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MAVMajors INFO - Law Enforcement

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Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, Law Enforcement

  • Option #1 - to prepare for licensure as a peace officer in Minnesota.
  • Option #2 - Generalist – non peace officer


Office location -  109 Morris Hall
Phone: 507-389-2721

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The Department and Advising

Admission requirements –
1. Admission to Major is granted by the department.

  • Degree Requirements & Policies

    Admission to Option I
    requires satisfaction of departmental GPA and course prerequisites as well as POST Board documentation. Since these requirements are subject to change, students should contact the Gvernment Department Office for current admission requirements.

    Admission to Option II
    is granted by the department. Contact the department for application procedures.

How to declare this major –

The current Undergraduate Catalog for this major –

 Graduate responses 1 year after graduation


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Handbook for Students Choosing or Changing Their Major

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