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Cindra Kamphoff

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., Director

Performance Consultant and Wellness Coach

Dr. Kamphoff is a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant (AASP-CC), a member of the USOC Sport Psychology Registery, and a Certified Wellness Coach (WellCoaches®). She has roughly 15 years of experience working with athletes, performers, exercisers, groups and teams. She is also a competitive marathoner and recently won the Omaha Marathon. She has worked extensively with the Maverick football, baseball and volleyball teams.

Dave Williams, M.A.

Assistant Director of Mental Training

Dave Williams is a former college baseball player and coach. He received his Master's Degree from MSU in Sport & Exercise Psychology while working with the MSU Baseball Team. Although he has extensive work coaching and consulting with baseball, he enjoys working with anyone pursuing excellence. Dave is also a 3 time North Dakota State Chess Champion.

Ashley Petak

Anika Erickson, B.A.

Wellness Expert

Anika Erickson is a Health and Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer. She is the lead graduate student involved in the Resolutions Solutions program and is working on her certification in Wellness Coaching. She received her Bachelors from Gustavus in Health and Exercise Science and is completing her Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She was a competitive swimmer at Gustavus.

Mark Hartman

Mark Hartman, B.S.

Graduate Student Consultant

Mark is a graduate assistant in the Sport and Exercise Psychology masters program. Mark was a collegiate cross-country runner. His research interests include: running and endurance sports, mental toughness, bridging the gap between sport psychology and sport physiology.


Brenna Weber, B.A.

Graduate Student Consultant

Brenna completed her Bachelor's Degree at SUNY- Oswego in Oswego, New York majoring in psychology with minors in athletic coaching and cognitive science. She competed in four years of hockey and one year of lacrosse while in college. She enjoys a variety of sports and physical activities. Her research interests include: concussions and their overall impact on athlete's life, and emotional control during competition.

Bethany Bachman, B.A.

Graduate Student Consultant

Bethany completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa majoring in Movement and Exercise Science: Sport Psychology with a minor in Coaching. She enjoys a variety of activities and sports. She has helped lead mental skills training activities with several teams including softball, baseball and women's basketball. Her research interests include mental toughness, resiliency and mental skills training in the Military.

Sophie Kaeter, B.S.

Graduate Student Consultant

Robert Williams, B.S.

Graduate Student Consultant

Robert is a second year Graduate Student from West Covina, CA. Robert completed his undergraduate degree at Macalester College in St Paul, MN. Robert has been around sports his entire life, and has played just about every single one. Also, Robert is currently in the US Army, which provides a unique background here at the Center. Robert has worked with a couple of MSU Teams, and looks forward to working with ROTC Cadets in the near future for his manuscript.

Jeff Thomae

Jeff Thomae, M.A., M.S.

Performance Consultant

Jeff Thomae is a former collegiate swimming anf diving coach with Master's degress in both sport & exercise psychology and counseling & student personnel. He brings a background in sport psychology, coaching, counseling and counseling and college student development to work with any athlete, performer, coach and team who wants to add to their bag of tricks. He also works with those who are bouncing back from injuries big or small.

Ashley Petak

Dr. Amy Roisum Foley, Ph.D.

Music Consultant

Dr. Roisum Foley is the Director of Bands and she helps musicians perform their best with as little physical or mental interference as possible. She works with performers to raise awareness during performance and decrease anxiety and tension to help them reach their potential and decrease pain and injury over time.

Kelsey Timm, B.A.

Graduate Student Consultant

Kelsey completed her Bachelor's Degree at St. Norbert College in Green Bay, Wisconsin majoring in psychology and history. She ran four years of cross country and track and field while in college and spent the 2013 track season coaching at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato. Although her passion is in running, she enjoys all types of sports and physical activitites. Her main research interest is the psychological construct of resilience and how it plays a role in distance running.

Kelsey Timm

Amy Harris, B.S.

Graduate Student Consultant

Amy has experience playing golf at the collegiate level and coaching golfers at various levels including MNSU Women's Golf and juniors in the PGA Tour Academy Camp. She participated in the Sport Psych Team for the Mankato Marathon in both 2011 and 2012 where she had experience quickly assessing runners needs and providing them with useful mental tools. Amy has experience in qualitative research and endurance sport research and is pursuing a new research project on how golf identity relates to golf performance and self-esteem. Amy's dream is to be a leading golf teaching professional.

Current Interns

Our current interns are graduate and undergraduate students from the Departments of Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Exercise Science, and Sport Management

Marcus Hall-Oliver

Kelby Buck

Darius Clare

Bryan Keys

We are seeking additional wellness coaches, performance consultants, and experts in public speaking to join our staff on a contract basis.

Contact our Director at if interested.