A Message from Our Director

Page address: http://www.mnsu.edu/centerforsportandperformance/message.html

Here is a message from the Center’s Director about how it all began:


Cindra Kamphoff“Hi, this is Dr. Kamphoff. Late one night a few years ago my family had gone to sleep and I was searching the web. I came across this really cool exercise about thinking of your legacy and your personal mission. I started completing the experience and couldn’t stop typing. I think I might have been up all night! I realized while completing this exercise that inspiring others and helping them transform their lives was my life mission. My legacy is this Center.

I have seen how using sport psychology principles can change lives as well as a person’s performance. I have witnessed it first-hand. I’ve seen a team go from good to great and from great to national recognition using sport psychology principles. I’ve seen individuals of all kinds – public speakers, singers, artists - perform more on purpose and with purpose. I’ve seen myself go from not placing at marathons to winning a marathon (the Omaha Marathon in Sept. 2012). The results truly amaze me.

I wanted to bring something unique to the Mankato community and to the state of Minnesota that could help performers transform themselves. Hence, along with 5 other MSU faculty, we wrote a “Big Ideas Grant” in the Spring 2012 to provide seed money to start the Center. These other faculty (Dr. Emily Stark, Dr. Kimm Jullian, Dr. Paul Finocchiaro, Dr. Amy Rosium Folley, and Dr. Karla Lassonde) helped provide direction for the Center.

And with a generous gift from David Peters, owner of University Square, we have a wonderful space for the Center to do our work. 

I am so excited to open this Center for you. To help you experience more success in all that you do. Come visit us. We can’t wait to meet you!