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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

ASL Guidelines

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Guidelines for effective Academic Service-Learning (ASL)

  • Need identified by the community
  • Clear expectations should exist for students, faculty, and community agencies.  What work will students be completing?  How will this work connect to course objectives?  What do agencies need from faculty members?  What do faculty members expect from agencies?
  • Whenever possible ASL, involves an active partnership between faculty member and community agency (members of community agencies become co-teachers).
  • ASL activities are linked directly to the learning objectives of a course. 
  • ASL rewards students for the learning arising from service, not the service itself. 
  • ASL engages students in structured reflection about their service-experience.  Structured reflection is crucial and should be designed to create a bridge between service and course concepts and theories.
  • ASL should be integrated into a course, not simply added on.

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