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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Five-Minute Workshops

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CETL's Five-Minute Workshops are quick demonstrations on effective, research-based teaching strategies designed for busy faculty.

Each video features a faculty member demonstrating an innovative teaching technique or a spokesperson detailing one of CETL's programs. We welcome your comments. Please direct any feedback to  Feel free to nominate innovative faculty!

Professor Dan Moen, Family Consumer Science

Five-Minute Workshop: Professor Dan Moen on AIAI/FTFD Teaching.


Professor Karla Lassonde, Psychology

Five-Minute Workshop: Professor Karla Lassonde Explains the "Testing Effect."


Professor Guarionex Salivia, Computer Information Science

Five-Minute Workshop: Professor Guarionex Salivia Describes the Creation of a Graphic Syllabus


Moriah Miles, Student Consultant on Teaching (SCOT)

Five-Minute Workshop: Moriah Miles Describes the Benefits and Mission of the SCOT Program


Jennifer Treb, Student Consultant on Teaching (SCOT)

Five-Minute Workshop: Jennifer Treb Describes a Typical SCOT Consultation


 Emily Stark, Psychology, Interim Honors Program Director

 Five-Minute Workshop: Emily Stark on Integrating Individual and Group Work