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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Awards and Honors

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2010 Teaching Scholar Fellowships

Someone writing algebra on a chalkboardPresident Richard Davenport has awarded 10 Teaching Scholar Fellowships for summer 2010 to support faculty in their commitments to learning.
Each Fellow engages in a project and outcomes that involve teaching and scholarship, enhancing their own learning while helping students to enhance theirs. Teaching Scholar Fellowships are awarded on a competitive, university-wide basis.

  • Maria-Claudia Tomany (Modern Languages): "Writing and Teaching Writing about Film."
  • Michael Wells (Information Systems and Technology): "Incorporating Industry Feedback into the Human-Computer Interaction Course."
  • Jocelyn Fenton Stitt (Gender and Women's Studies): "Reading Autobiographies for Cross-cultural Competency."
  • Yea-Ling Tsao (Mathematics and Statistics): "Designing Geometry Modules by Using Geometer's Sketchpad and Geometry Inventor to Improve Student Learning."
  • Jeffrey Pribyl (Chemistry and Geology): "The Redesign of Chemistry 191 to Incorporate Guided Inquiry Learning and Web-based Lectures."
  • Emily Stark (Psychology): " Critical Thinking after College: Applying Research Design Knowledge to Everyday Decisions."
  • Andrea Lassiter (Psychology): "Exploring the History of Psychology in South Central Minnesota."
  • Karen Lybeck (English): "Enhancing Practice Teaching Using Second Life Virtual World in Second-Language Teacher Education."
  • Cyrus Azarbod (Information Systems and Technology): "Applied Database Programming Supplement and Online Project Management for IT 4/542: Database Mining and Warehousing."
  • Robert Pettitt (Human Performance): "Spreadsheet Design for Athletic Testing Evaluation."

2009 Teaching Scholar Fellowships

  • Cyrus Azarbod (Information Systems & Technology): "Virtual Project Management and Team Collaboration for Online Database Programming Course IT 4/540: Database Management Systems II."
  • Kristen Cvancara (Speech Communication): "Implementing POGIL in a 'Softer' Science: Developing POGIL Applications in the Social Sciences."
  • M. Anaam Hashmi (Marketing & International Business): "Wind Energy Development and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals in Minnesota."
  • Anne-Marie Hoskinson (Biological Sciences): "Designing Inquiry-based Laboratory Experiences for Nonmajors Biology."
  • In-Jae Kim (Mathematics & Statistics): "Can SAGE Replace Maple and Mathematica?"
  • Namyong Lee (Mathematics & Statistics): "Design a New Interdisciplinary Course in Mathematical Biology."
  • Brian Martensen (Mathematics & Statistics): "A Differential Equations Workbook and Lecture Companion."
  • Marlene Tappe (Health Science): "Using Formative Assessment to Enhance Pedagogy in Health Education Teacher Education."
  • Vincent Winstead (Electrical & Computer Engineering): "Interactive Simulation Development for Electrical Power Systems."
  • Sun Kyeong Yu (Philosophy): "When Science Meets Philosophy."

2009 Summer Research Grants

Summer Research Grants support the dissemination of faculty research, scholarship, and creative accomplishments by faculty whose completed research studies or projects demonstrate a high probability of publication, exhibition, or performance. The $5,000 grants are funded by the College of Graduate Studies & Research.

  • Rakesh Kawatra (Management): “A Multi-Period Minimum Cost Network Problem.”
  • Charles Lewis (Mass Communications): “Fears and Depredations on the Frontier: The Clash of Dakotas and Whites in the Newspapers of Mankato, Minn., 1863-1865.”
  • Richard Terrill (English): “Final Revision of a Book-Length Collection of Poems and Preparation for Publication.”
  • David Viscoli (Music): “Final Preparation for an All-Beethoven Sonata Solo Piano Program.”
  • Liz Miller (Art): “Sculptural Strategies: Finalizing, Documenting and Disseminating New Mixed Media Sculptures.”
  • Kirsti Cole (English): “The Rhetoric of Effect in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe.”
  • Karin Bremer (Counseling and Student Personnel): “Understanding Families in Youth Sport: Parental Involvement, Pressure and Support.”
  • Jon Lim (Human Performance): “Factors Influencing the College Choice Decisions of NCAA Division II Track and Field Athletes.”
  • Saleheen Khan (Economics): “Contagious Currency Crisis: Is Trade a Channel?”
  • Daniel Toma (Biological Sciences): “Individual Fly Behavior in Drosophila Lines Selected for Extreme Geotaxis Response.”

2008 Summer Research Grants

  • Cindra Kamphoff (Human Performance): "Bargaining with Patriarchy: Former Women Coaches' Experiences and Their Decisions to Leave Collegiate Coaching."
  • Fei Yuan (Geography): "Finding a Sustainable Way to Future Growth of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Using Remote Sensing and GIS."
  • Heather Camp (English): "Writing Development Research: Historical and Pedagogical Contributions."
  • Cecilia Pick (Modern Languages): "The Front Matters: Artistic Presentation of Maria Sibylla Merian."
  • Lori Ann Lahlum (History),:"Norwegian Women's Landscape and Agriculture on the Northern Prairies and Plains: 1850-1920."
  • Qun Zhang (Electrical & Computer Engineering & Technology): "Performance Analysis and Design of Raman Amplifier Assisted Optical Communication Systems."
  • Emily Boyd (Sociology & Corrections): "Transforming Masculinity and Femininity on Extreme Makeover."
  • Mary Regan (Nursing): "The Domino Effect: Intra-partum Nurses' Conceptions of Risk about Childbirth and the Utilization of Childbirth Technologies to Manage Labor and Birth."
  • Tomasz Inglot (Political Science & Law Enforcement): "Welfare State Transformations and Adaptations in Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia)."
  • Rachel Droogsma (Speech Communication): "Standpoint Analysis of Women Abuse Survivors' Messages in the Clothesline Project."