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Some of the trainings have not been scheduled. If you see a Dec. 1 from 1-3pm, this is merely a placeholder for the training. We are looking for your availability. Please send to the facilitator or directly to CETL.

New in 2017-18

A Teaching and Learning Podcast Series

Inspired by the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, we will create a podcast series for Minnesota State Mankato faculty to get teaching and learning help on your schedule. We are planning to create 20 episodes of 20-30 minutes each, alternating between teaching with technology and more traditional teaching topics. Contact us if you have an idea for an episode.

Facilitators: Michael Manderfeld (ATS Instructional Designer) and Jennifer Veltsos (CETL Director)

New Faculty Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to help new faculty to feel prepared to enter the classroom on Monday, August 21. Opening remarks by Provost Marilyn Wells and other administrators. Assistance provided by the ATS instructional designers, the D2L administrator, and the Office of Accessibility Resources. By the end of the day-long workshop, participants should have completed the following tasks:

Drafted a course syllabus and schedule

Developed ideas for low and high stakes assessments

Understand the basic features of the D2L Brightspace CMS

Implement D2L Brightspace components that are essential to the function of their course in weeks 1-5

Facilitator: Jennifer Veltsos

New Faculty Cohort

Through 36 weekly emails and 6 meetings, the CETL New Faculty Cohort will support faculty through their first year at the university. By the end of the academic year, participants will able to identify important services for teaching and advising students, develop their instructional design competence, and plan for professional success in teaching, scholarship, and service.

Facilitator: Jennifer Veltsos

Build Your Online Course Boot Camp

Online courses can be a challenge to design and build. In this five day workshop, the instructional designers, the D2L administrator, and I will help faculty who are new to online teaching create their first course design it, develop activities and assessments, build it in D2L, and plan for a great user experience.

Dates: 8:30 - 10:30 AM, Monday August 7 - Friday, August 11

Location: ML 88A and WebEx

Facilitator: Jennifer Veltsos

Register by emailing Jennifer Veltsos at

Shut Up and Write Fridays

Shut Up and Write is a writing group for people who don’t like writing groups.
It’s a weekly one-hour writing retreat.
It’s an accountability partner for teaching and scholarship.
It's a workout buddy for writing.

Our goal is to make the writing experience a little less lonely.

Fall 2017 Dates: Friday mornings, all semester

10:00 am: ´╗┐Meet at in the lobby of the Memorial Library to work on site. Write, read, outline, design a course, talk to a librarian--anything goes as long as it’s work. 

11:00 am: Join us in The Center for Excellence and Innovation (ML 88) for snacks and a chat. 

No registration needed.

If you are interested in a more traditional writing group following the SUWT event, please contact Jennifer Veltsos by Monday, August 21. 

(And I didn’t make up that name, BTW. It’s a real thing! It was even covered by Inside Higher Ed!) No registration is required, anyone can participate, and you can join us whenever your schedule permits.

Tenure & Promotion Writing Group

In conjunction with Shut Up & Write, Sarah Epplen (Sociology) is leading a writing group focusing on preparing tenure and promotion applications.

Dates: 11:00 AM, Tuesdays, all summer long

Location: ML 94B Telepresence Conference Room

A Faculty Development Passport

We’re doing everything we can to create programming that will support professional development and fit into faculty professional development plans. But to take things to the next level, we gamified the “Build Your Own Certificate.” Participants will record the events they attend and write a 2-3 sentence reflection, then get a stamp from the facilitator. At the end of the year, participants who bring their passport back to CETL will earn a certificate, and they get to keep their passport to look back on what they learned.


Continuing Services  

Students Consulting On Teaching (SCOT)

The Students Consulting On Teaching (SCOT) program is dedicated to quality education. SCOTs serve as an excellent resource to faculty members by providing valuable insights to supplement student evaluations and peer reviews. They offer an objective perspective since they are not working for a grade. The SCOTs have experienced a wide range of college teaching situations and styles.

All instructors are eligible to request a student consultation. See the program page for more information, including details about how to sign up.

Peer Faculty Observation

CETL retains a pool of qualified, experienced Peer Faculty to offer objective classroom observations for all faculty campus-wide. The program is designed to provide non-evaluative observation reflections concerning your specific course. All information collected and shared during the observation is confidential. Your Peer Faculty match will be someone from outside the college in which you work.

All instructors are eligible. See the program page for more information, including details about how to sign up.

Scholars-At-Work Series

There will be a variety of Scholars-At-Work seminars to allow us to learn from each other's experience. Each week a Minnesota State Mankato faculty member will share their expertise in areas of interest.


Mentoring, widely used among the world's most successful universities and corporations, is a time honored and established means of devloping individual talent. At Minnesota State University, Mankato, we realize that mentoring as a means of developing human capital and quality teachers, pays big dividends.

The CETL Mentor Program is open to all new faculty who are full-time, probationary, tenure track faculty.

To register for any of our programs or to ask questions about any of the programs, please contact CETL at 507-389-5899, Jennifer Veltsos at 507-389-3233, or email

*DISCLAIMER: Certificate programs are for professional development only and do not confer a degree.