2012-2013 Posters

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  • When you want to get a point across... be calm, clear, and coherent OR raise your voice—makes you sound like The Intimidator. Who are you? 1
  • When someone talks to you... look that person in the eyes OR text somebody else—you multi-tasker you. Who are you? 2
  • If a colleague disagrees with you... respectfully ask why and seek common ground OR ignore your colleague—better yet, make threats. Who are you? 3
  • When asking for help... say please and thank you as if they're going out of style OR skip those words—they're so out of style. Who are you? 4
  • If your asked for your opinion on a project... offer critical feedback respectfully OR be harsh and be public... the word will spread faster. Who are you? 5
  • Faculty and Staff at the University should... treat students as adults OR ooze condescension—it puts students in their place. Who are you? 6
  • When collaborating with others... share important information with all team members OR share selectively—reward those you like, punish the rest. Who are you? 7
  • When you hear praise for someone else... pass it on OR block it—or fuzz it out for the undifferentiated glory of the group. Who are you? 8
  • When you supervise others... Acknowldege the effects of people's personal lives on their work OR pretend there are none—with the major exception of you. Who are you? 9
  • When you see visitors around campus... treat them as guests OR ignore them—surely they're someone else's job. Who are you? 10
  • If you're at the top of a hierarchy... model civility for those you work with OR act as if you're exempt—civility is for suckers. Who are you? 11
  • When you're in a conversation... be aware of what your body is saying as your mouth is moving OR believe that it's all in the words—body language is Greek to you. Who are you? 12
  • When writing an email... select your words as carefully as you would face-to-face OR fire away with impunity—you won't be there when they read it. Who are you? 13
  • When a rumor comes your way... mind your own business and keep quiet OR text the details to all of your friends immediately—with a big LOL. Who are you? 14
  • When you're having a discussion... listen attentively and wait your turn to speak OR inturrupt at will—what you have to say is more important anyway. Who are you? 15