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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Good News--Spring/Summer 2011

Click [PDF] here (72 KiB) to read about some of the recent accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alums...

Scholarships available (Deadline for all is 1 PM March 29th)

Upcoming Presentation...Tuesday, March 22nd

Dr. Dan Cronn-Mills to present...

Department of Communication Studies                              November 2010




Opportunities and Challenges: How Far Do We Go with Communication Studies Online?

Opportunities and Challenges: Assessing Behavioral/Performance Objectives in Online Learning

Opportunities and Challenges: Mediated Communication as a Sub-Field of Communication Studies



Keynote Speaker: The Unwritten Rules in Competitive Forensics

Presenter: The Power of Visualization in Speaking and Performing

Presenter: The First Amendment in the Public Schools



NCA 2011 Nominating Committee Meeting

American Forensic Association National Council

American Forensic Association National Business Meeting

AFA-NIET Committee Meeting


Masters Education Section (NCA) taskforce to construct an online searchable database of all masters programs in communication.

In discussions with the States Advisory Council of NCA for ways to broaden their online scope and reach.

Stepped down as editor of the journal after 14 years at the helm. He has agreed to stay on as an associate editor with the journal.

Associate editor of the .

Webmaster for the Emeritus/Retired Section of NCA.


Top Student Paper Award in the International and Intercultural Communication Division for the paper

“Theorizing Identity in the Globalized World: Toward a Multimodal Approach”


Oommen, D. (November 2010). Exploring the communicative implications of LMX relationships using social identity theory. Paper presented at the Organizational Communication Division of the 96th Annual National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, CA.


Oommen, D. (November 2010). An analysis of the relationship between religiousness, self-construal  and conflict styles. Paper presented at the Religious Communication Association Division of the 96th Annual National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, CA.


Croucher, S. M., Holody, K., Anarbaeva, S., Braziunaite, R., Oommen, D., Spencer, A. T., Garcia-Michael, V., & Yoon, K. (November 2010). Religion and the relationship between verbal aggressiveness and argumentativeness. Top paper presented at the American Forensics Association Division of the 96th Annual National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, CA

Chair of the Emeriti/Retired Section of the National Communication Association.

GIFTS presentation at the National Communication Association

Presented "Facebooking in Class: Computer Mediated Communication" at a GIFTS session

Panelist for "How Many Legs Counted?: Evaluating the Current AFA-NIET Qualification System"

Panelist for "Socializing the New Graduate Teaching Assistant: Building Bridges Between Personal and Professional Expectations"

Elected Nominations Officer for the Argumentation and Forensics Division

Elected onto the Nominating Committee for the Basic Course Division

Paper reviewer (Basic Course Division, Argumentation and Forensics Division, Instructional Development Division


Dr. Kristen Cvancara received a scholarship from the Office of the President at MSUM to participate in the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute.


Stables, G., Barnes, A., Cronn-Mills, D., Easley, T., Keenan, V., Morris, E., & Sandoz, ML. (2010). Consolidating debate governance. In A. D. Louden (Ed.), (181-197). New York, NY: IDebate Press

Sandmann, W. (2010). Who owns knowledge: Media convergence and the college classroom. In S. Drucker & G. Gumpert (Eds.), (pp. 175-188). New York: Peter Lang

Larry Schnoor has an article in the National Forensic Journal, Volume 26 Spring/Fall 2008 which was just published. The article is written along with Dr. Brendan Kelly and Prof. Tressa Kelly at the University of West Florida.

Sara Jones's (Former MA student) paper "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally:  Northern Ugandan Women and " was recently accepted for publication in the journal .  An earlier version of the paper was selected as a Top-four paper by the Organization for Research on Women and Communication, and will be presented at the Western Communication Conference this spring.



Upcoming Presentation...

Cronn-Mills, D., Sandmann, W., Johnson-Curiskis, N., White, L., Dimock, J. (2009, December 11). Cooperation in the discipline: A professional development program for forensic educators. . Available http://www.nfhs.org/
Kristen Treinen, Chair, was invited to speak at the Women’s Student Leadership Conference at MSUM on September 18, 2010. She spoke on the topic, “Is what you said what you meant.” The presentation focused on cross-cultural communication and conflict in leadership positions.
Associate Professor Jim Dimock was elected Editor of the Communication Arts and Theatre of Minnesota journal.
Professor Emerti Larry Schnoor has letter to the editor published in USA Today
MA Alum Kelsey Maki is currently working in Seattle, WA as both an Adjunct Instructor at Seattle Central Community College and as the Program Assistant for Tilth Producers of Washington, the premier organic farming and sustainable agriculture organization in the state of Washington. 
MA Alum Megan Orcholski is the Assistant Director of Forensics at Concordia College, Moorhead MN.