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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Communication Studies

Committee Descriptions

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  1. Andreas Committee
    Responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Department the (1) recipient of the Andreas GTA appointment, (2) the recipient of the Andreas Summer Scholar appointment, and the (3) Andreas Visiting Scholar(s).
  2. Arts and Humanities Curriculum
    One faculty member to represent the department at A&H Curriculum Committee meetings.
  3. Colloquium Series:
    The department sponsors an in-department series of informative and research presentations throughout the academic year. This committee will organize and promote the Colloquium Series.
  4. Department Curriculum:
    • Review proposed courses and programs, including special topics, and advise department
    • Review curriculum annually and issue report on any needed changes
  5. Lambda Pi Eta/Speech Club
    • Maintain chapter status (send checks and paperwork)
    • Maintain status as a recognized organization on campus (paperwork)
    • Try to sponsor some activities--we have sponsored speakers about careers, interviews, etc
    • Recruit members
    • Sponsor graduation reception each semester
    • Order supplies and honor cords, etc
  6. Library Liaison
    One faculty member serves as our connection to the library. The person coordinates library holdings with library staff and submits requests for library purchases.
  7. Long-Range Planning and Assessment:
    • Review assessment plan annually and issue report on any needed changes
    • Plan and conduct annual assessment
    • Prepare annual assessment report
  8. MAGS Selection:
    MAGS is the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools. Every year MAGS hosts a thesis competition from its member institutions. This committee will review submitted theses from within our department and select one to forward to the MSU Graduate College.
  9. Personnel:
    • Review all PDP plans and offer suggestions
    • Review all PDP reports and offer comments. These reviews are part of the RTP process, including annual notice of non-renewal and tenure and promotion decisions
    • Advise Department chair on hiring of adjunct faculty
  10. Qualifying Exam (fall and spring semesters)
    • Writes the questions for the qualifying exam
    • Advertises to graduate students dates for the qualifying exam
    • Reads and evaluates exams
    • Reports to students and department results of the exam
  11. Social (FUN)
    Coordinates some FUN for the department, for instance...a gathering for drinks on a late Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening...a dept potluck during the week...a baby shower...dept picnic...or anything else...
  12. Webpage Administration
    Coordinates and maintains the department's webpages