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GA Office Policies

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Policies and Procedures for Armstrong Hall 206B

This document may be reviewed by the Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) at any time during the academic year. Policies concerning Armstrong Hall 206B are recommended by the GAC and approved by the Director of Teaching Assistants and the Department Chair

  1. Purpose of Armstrong Hall 206B
    • Armstrong Hall 206B is the primary office space of graduate assistants in the Department of Speech Communication. This primary function shall be respected by all persons.
    • A graduate assistant or faculty member in the Speech Communication Department must be present whenever 206B is open; the room shall remain locked and empty at all other times.
  2. Office Hours
    • The occupants of Armstrong Hall 206B (206B) are responsible for posting their office hours on the office door by the end of the first week of classes each semester.
    • Employees holding office hours in 206B are responsible for holding their office hours as scheduled. However, if an emergency were to arise, employees are responsible for posting, or having a colleague post, notice of such on their office hours.
  3. Cleaning
    • The hallway between the desks should remain clear and open at all times.
    • The last person in the office each day/night should put the garbage can in the hallway so it will be emptied.
    • Individuals are responsible for maintaining a clean floor near their desks.
    • A rotating cleaning list will be made and posted by the GAC at the beginning of each academic school year. Cleaning will need to be done, at minimal, weekly and includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Wiping out the microwave and fridge and throwing away rotten contents.
      2. Dusting/picking up around computers.
      3. Emptying the recycling into the large receptacles in the main hallway on the second floor of Armstrong Hall.
  4. Desk
    • Employees of 206B and employees of 206B only, have permission to sit at the desks in 206B without supervision of another employee of 206B.
    • If the main occupant of a desk is not present in 206B, other employed occupants of 206B should feel free to use that desk.
    • Employees who share desks should determine which drawers will be used by each employee. After these guidelines are established, no one should open a drawer that is not theirs for any reason without permission.
    • Additional individual desk rules will be established on an individual basis amongst desk mates.
    • Likewise, nothing should be taken or borrowed off another desk without permission.
    • A community stapler, pair of scissors, staples, three-hole punch, pad of "important message" paper, phone book, post-it notes, paper clips, whiteout and any other office supplies located on the stand by the door of 206B may be used in 206B, so long as they are returned in a timely manner on the same day they are borrowed.
  5. Noise Level
    • Everyone using 206B must ask before playing anything out loud on a machine (e.g. computers, television).
    • Employee of 206B may request noise levels to be reduced; all requests shall be honored.
    • If a visitor is disruptive, they may be asked to leave.
  6. Computers
    • The use of computers for educational/career purposes overrides the use of computers for social/personal purposes.
    • No game playing on the computers.
    • The priority use of computers in 206B is (in descending order):
      1. Graduate Assistants in the Speech Communication Department
      2. Graduate Students (non-Graduate Assistants) in the Speech Communication
      3. Undergraduate Students in the Speech Communication Departments
      4. Undergraduate Students on the Forensics Team
      5. Faculty in the Speech Communication Department
    • No personal items shall be left around computers; the area shall be kept clean.
    • Personal files shall not be stored on the computers; use floppy disks or MavDISK. Personal files may be deleted without prior notice.
    • Computers and printers in 206B should be used by department employees only, and strictly for the following:
      1. Career/education related materials (1 copy maximum).
      2. Committee materials (1 copy maximum).
      3. Personal course work (1 copy maximum).
  7. Restrictions
    • There shall be no test taking in 206-B, if need be, a student may acquire a desk from an Armstrong Hall classroom and take a test in the hallway.
    • Speeches shall not be practiced nor performed in 206B.
  8. Phone Use
    • Phone messages are to be documented on "important message paper" which can be obtained from Armstrong Hall 230 and is to be kept on the stand next to the office door of 206B. Phone messages should be placed in the recipient's mailbox.
    • Phone calls made and/or received on the 206B office phone should not exceed 10 minutes.

*The director of teaching assistants and the department chair are contact persons for rule enforcement.

Adopted: September 2003