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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

CTAM 2003

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Presentations by MSU Faculty and Students at the 2003 CTAM Conference

Duluth, MN

September 19-20, 2003

MFA-Forensics: A New Master's Degree

A roundtable open-forum to discuss Minnesota State University, Mankato's unique new graduate program, and to explore what the MFA entails, its advantages, how it came about, and the agenda it serves.

Presenters: Dan Cronn-Mills, Warren Sandmann, Leah White, MN State University, Mankato

The Hoop-Jumping Scene—how's life in grad school these days?

A chance for graduate students and those interested in them to gather and exchange experiences, preferences, and appreciations.

Presenters: Dan Cronn-Mills, Dave Nadolski, Nicole Schultz, Anne Lindberg, Allison Achterkirch, Seth Michael Smith, and Amanda Young, all from MN State University, Mankato

Politics and Teaching: the Story of Communication Arts in the New Standards

CTAM has been active in advocacy efforts in the past, and this year provided us a lesson in why teachers should continue to be politically aware, if not active. Come get inspired by those who have been involved in standards and assessment fights in both communication and the arts.

Presenter: Judy Litterst, St. Cloud St. U, Warren Sandmann, Minnesota State U, Mankato, Gregg Sawyer, Academy of Holy Angels, and Dorothy Sunne, Forest lake HS.

Communication Apprehension and ESL students

Strategies for addressing this problem with ESL students in public speaking classes

Presenters: Lori Halverson-Wente and Mary Schmidt, RCTC, and Kristi Treinen, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Service Learning in the Effective Listening Classroom

Listening helps provide a connection with others. Educators can enhance this connection through service learning projects. The history of the service learning movement, advantages, and disadvantages of service learning, and a model for service learning in the effective listening classroom will be presented.

Presenters: Nanette Johnson-Curiskis and Amanda Lentz, MN State University, Mankato

Promises and pitfalls of online assessment in communication programs

Explore the promise and pitfalls of database-driven assessment of student learning in oral communication programs and departments. Learn how to develop and use database driven assessment as part of a package of student assessment tools, and how to help students become more actively involved in the assessment of their own learning.

Presenters: Nanette Johnson-Curiskis and Warren Sandmann, MN State University

Teaching Interpersonal Communication Online

Interpersonal Communication is often taught as a traditional course. In light of heavy student demand and diminishing resources, it is reasonable to assume online delivery would be advantageous. This session reports the planning, implementation, assessment, and results of teaching an online IPC course for the first time.

Presenters: Nanette Johnson-Curiskis, Darrell Niemiec and Amanda Lentz, MN State University

Assessing Communication Classroom Learning

Actively assessing classroom learning is a necessity in all classrooms. Classroom Assessment Techniques are relatively easy yet powerful tools to do this. This session presents rationale and strategies for using CATs in the communication classroom.

Presenters: Nanette Johnson-Curiskis and Warren Sandmann, both of MN State University