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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Capstone Projects

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There are three different kinds of capstone projects student complete in our department.  Only students in a masters program need worry about completing a capstone project - certificate students do not have this requirement in their programs.


What are the different types of capstone projects?


Programs that involve a thesis capstone:     MA, MFA

A thesis project is a primary research project in which a student formulates a research question, crafts a literature review, collects data, analyzes the data, and discusses the conclusions and implications presented by the project. 

Alternate Plan Paper (APP)

Programs that involve an Alternate Plan Paper capstone:     MA

An Alternate Plan Paper is a secondary research project in which a student formulates a research question, crafts a literature review, identifies the trends and findings relevant to a specific topic, and then discusses the application of that knowledge to a particular context or group of people.


Programs that involve an Internship capstone:     MS

An Internship paper is an experiential project in which a student formulates a research question, crafts a literature review, and then immerses themself in an internship experience.  After the internship, the student writes a critical/analytical report documenting how the existing literature applies to their internship experiences.

What kind of capstone project is associated with a certificate program?

None - a capstone project is not requried for either of the certificate programs.

Is it possible to review previous capstone projects completed in the department?  Yes!