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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Graduate Internships

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Internships are an experiential form of learning, and we encourage students to include an internship in their program that will optimize their ability to gain experince and apply what they are learning as a graduate student.  All internships should be discussed in consultation with an advisor.


What is the course number for an internship?

CMST 697 - general internship

CMST 698 - specific to teaching internships

Can I include an internship in my graduate program?

  • MA: Yes! register for CMST 697 as elective course credits in the department
  • MS: Yes! register for CMST 697 as capstone credits
  • MFA: Yes! register for CMST 697 as elective course credits in the department
  • GC - Communication Education:  no, internships are not part of this program
  • GC - Professional Communication:  no, internships are not part of this program

How do I go about setting up an internship?

Start by talking to your advisor.  There is great flexibility in where the internship may occur, so be creative and consider setting up an opportunity that will give you exposure to an industry or organization in which you want to work or collect data.

How do I register for internship credits?

After you have had a conversation with your advisor, and you know the specifics of where your internship will be and who you will be working with, fill out the department internship contract form.  This form documents the necessary information to confirm your internship.  Once the form is completed and all of the necessary signatures have been obtained, return the form to Kathy Steiner in AH 230.  Kathy will be able to help you register for the appropriate number of credits noted on your form.

How many hours do I have to work at an internship in order to earn 1 course credit?

35 hours = 1 course credit (so do the math, if you want 3 credits, you need to put in at least 105 hours at the internship)