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– Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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  • (Thesis Capstone - 48 credits)

Major Common Core

  • CMST 509 Performance Studies (3 cr.)
  • CMST 535 Forensics Pedagogy (3 cr.)
  • CMST 600 Seminar in Communication Theory (3 cr.)
  • CMST 601 Communication Research Methods (3 cr.)
  • CMST 602 Communication Pedagogy (3 cr.)
  • CMST 603 Strategies: Basic (0 cr.) *required only of Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • CMST 630 Forensics Practicum (3 cr.)
  • CMST 650 Capstone Prospectus (0 cr.)*601 is prerequisite for 650
  • CMST 651 Comprehensive Exams (0 cr.)*601 is prequisite for 651

Major Restricted Electives

Students are required to complete at least one course from each of the four categories listed below, in addition to the required within department electives.

1. Organization/Conflict

  • CMST 512 Organizational Communication 
  • CMST 545 Conflict Management

2. Intercultural/Interpersonal

  • CMST 613 Advanced Intercultural Communication
  • CMST 621 Advanced Interpersonal Communication

3. Rhetoric

  • CMST 515 Topics in Rhetoric and Culture
  • CMST 620 Modern Rhetorical Criticism

4. Professional

  • CMST 605 Teaching Communication Studies Online
  • CMST 633 Communication for Professionals

Required Communication Studies Electives

  • Choose an additional 9 credits from any 500-600 level courses in the department in consultation with an advisor.

Required Supporting Field Electives

Choose 6 credits from 500-600 level courses outside of the department in consultation with an advisor.

Capstone Credits

  • CMST 699 Thesis (3-6 credits)

Admission Requirements


  1. Appropriate research tools such as ethnography, critical analysis, language, statistics or others may be required by the department.
  2. No P/N credit is acceptable in fulfilling major requirements except in the case of thesis, practicums, internships, in-service courses and individual study, and then only by special permission of the department.
  3. Fifty percent (50%) of all coursework must be at the 600 level, not including thesis or alternate plan.
  4. A maximum of six (6) graduate credits from "NFL" courses may be applied toward satisfactory completion of the Master of Fine Arts--Forensics.  This limit may be waived with consent of a student's graduate advisor.
  5. A maximum of six (6) combined credits from CMST 677 (Individual Study) and/or CMST 697 (Internship) may be applied toward completion of the Master of Fine Arts in Communication Studies. The limit may be wavied with consent of the graduate advisor.
  6. Students must complete a minimum of 18 graduate credits before taking CMST 697.